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Dimcoin ICO, the CEO, their Team & their Vision

Aug 17, 2017 Posted /  15971 Views

Dimcoin ICO, the CEO, their Team & their Vision

Dimcoin ICO, the CEO, the Team & their Vision

Cryptocurrencies embarked their utilization since the introduction of Bitcoins in the world. It not only introduced an innovative technology to the world using an unimaginable Blockchain technique, but also has garnered alot of attention and accolades, from around the globe, which is why there is record breaking rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies. But, since every technology has some inhibitions in their process or because of any other issue, it leads a way to the development of new and advanced technology which covers its some part of inefficiencies or upgrade it to another level. One such feature filled platform is created and that is DIMCOIN. 

Let us have some clear views about this Digital Coin, DIMCOIN, which began its journey from the year 2012:

1. What is DIMCOIN?

DIMCOIN is a tradable speculative cryptocurrency. The DIM is a secure, peer to peer and private digital coin which has its own ecosystem called as DIM. This is a blockchain, based on financial platform that provides conversion for fiat cryptocurrency and equity trading . DIMCOIN foundation is operating and has created both DIM and its DIM ecosystem, which  are based on the blockchain technology called 'NEM' . NEM provides  a unique two tier plan using node reputation, spam protection, and incentivized infrastructure through super nodes, all this is to ensure safe and secure trading and transactions over the internet.


The ICO which started on 16th of July will end on 27th of August, where the total 10,000,000 tokens are available, where one token will be equal to 100 DIMCOINS. The value of one token is one Dollar

3. Benefits of DIMCOIN

The benefits of DIMCOINS are that we can sell and buy digital assets without any broker, manage our assets on our own i.e full control over the account, no third party is involved, the transactions will happen in real time.

4. The Brain pool behind DIMCOIN- DIMCOIN TEAM

a. The executive team includes:

Fabian Kippenberg is the CEO of DIMCOIN, who is a prominent figure in the design and political world. He is also former press speaker for the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief. Fabian is now creating new business opportunities in South Africa, Dubai and Singapore with a new cryptocurrency DIMCOIN and the fully working ecosystem behind it. Roelf Barnard, is the Chief Financial Advisor who is dynamic and a thorough professional having 25 years of experience. Chief financial officer is Katarina Katic, Compliance advisor is Andre Heydenrych, Compliance officer manager is Stanley Luvhani, Operations advisor is Anne Mercy Minyaho, Public relations manager is Uros Trajkovic,  Marketing manager is Vivien Tillett.

b. The other team members are:

Nolwazi Mabena is the Compliance Officer, Lucky Mlombo is the I.T Support Officer, Trevor Kana is the Senior Economist, Yanga Mapengo is the Marketing Officer and other Marketing Officer is Franziska Saischek, Social Media Officer is Amina Williams, Translator is Jens Heinemann, Customer Care Executive is Charlize Booyse, Personal Assistant is Kim Lawrence, Backend Developer are Krishna and Vatscar  and  Frontend Developer is Mulhani. 

5. DIMCOIN Depot Wallet

DEPOT WALLET is a blockchain wallet that allows the users to buy, sell, manage and hold their DIM cryptocurrencies and cryptonised assets. The wallet is free to download at the DIMCOIN ICO,  HYBSE and Depotwallet websites.

6. NEM Network

DIM cryptocurrency is designed on the NEM network (blockchain), which is supported  by the consensus mechanism called the POI. The POI is similar to POS with the key difference being that it combines the behavior trusted to be positive for the whole economy, while POS derives importance for the NEM platform which is run by the network of nodes, operating together in a peer to peer configuration. These nodes record and confirm the transactions that are transmitted on the network. At block time, these transactions are combined together and then they go through a hashing process that connects them to the previous blocks.

7. Benefits of NEM 

The benefits of NEM system are Nodes can select their communication partner according to the trust values from other nodes, hostile nodes that provide false data and feedback can be easily identified, the trust algorithm cuts down the percentage of failed interactions even if the hostile nodes conspire to give hostile nodes a high trust value.

8. Perks of investing in DIM TOKENS

Token holders who have more than fifty DIM TOKENs will get 30% of on the net fees, based on the token percentage, from DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies and cryptonized assets transfers from the entire ecosystem. The token holders can access into the services given by the DIM Ecosystem. The DIMCOIN can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The DIMCOIN is only available through ICO rounds but it will later be available to purchase. After the ICO ends, DIM token holders will have right to sell their DIMCOIN in the market under their discretion. If the ICO is successful, the price of the DIMCOIN will increase on their own.

9. Governance of DIMCOIN

DIM Ecosystem overcomes the difficulty of the absence of authority due the blochain's decentralised nature, through the process of voting by the token holders, which will develop a governing structure on the decentralised platform. Token holders who have more than fifty tokens will have token rights like rights over commission, rights over voting, right to suggest, and over the tradable tokens.

10. How will DIMCOIN use their raised funds?

The funds raised from DIMCOIN will account 30 % for the primary development, 25% for marketing, 25 % for its outreach, 15 % for functional costs,  5 % for legal & compliance.


DIMCOIN is offering 10% offer bonus till 19th of August 2017, and 5% of bonus from 20th to 27th of August.

12. The DIM (Data Interchange Module)

Data Interchange Module based cryptocurrency is a peer to peer, committed to quantity, secure, private and robust digital medium of exchange. Its cryptography technique is based on the elliptic curve cryptography, which assures security and speed. It is different from the rest of its competitors because it is a part of an ecosystem. Ownership of the DIM cryptocurrency offers access to  the ecosystem and the services within it.

13. How to invest in DIMCOIN?

The interested person needs to have a cryptocurrency wallet to purchase DIMCOIN, and he/she needs to create a Depotwallet or a Nanowallet in order to receive the DIMCOIN. He/She can also invest from the DIMCOIN website by following the procedure which is mentioned.

14.  What types of cryptocurrencies does DIMCOINS accept?

The DIMCOIN accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, NEM, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether.

15. Goals and Vision of DIMCOINS

The DIM ecosystem have a vision to have the DIMCOIN enlisted on the major cryptocurrencies exchanges like Poloniex, Bithumb, Bitfinex etc, have debit cards integrated into DEPOT WALLET and provide a physical card, have the DIM Currencies accepted by retailers and others as a medium of exchange for ecommerce, launch its own android application for the DIMCOIN, all by the end of 2017. 

They have set a goal to increase the usage of the DIMCOIN across Europe during Q1/Q2 2018, usage of the DIMCOIN across North America during 2017, reprogram HYBSE into a full blockchain platform by 2018, promote the DIMCOIN across Asia during 2018 have 1% of the worldwide stock trade conducted via DIM Ecosystem (HYBSE) by 2019, introduce the DIMCOIN in the United Kingdom (2019) and to the promote the DIMCOIN in Russia during 2019.

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