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Emergence Of Coding without Codes

Feb 07, 2018 Posted /  49607 Views

Emergence Of Coding without Codes

With the emergence of Blockchain technology, developers realized what still needs to be discovered and like many other Blockchain and ICO based industries, Crowd Machine believes that this technology can help in improving the situation.

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Under process distributive cloud computing system aims to use the power of Blockchain to make the process of app development faster and cheaper.

The idea sounds efficient and interesting and also attracted many companies. As per the project's website, companies like GE and Anthem are customers of the company and reportedly, another big company, which would be revealed in few months is also planning to use it as their primary technology.

In an interview with Coindesk, Gorlick said that they are working on a gamechanger technology in the field of building and execution of a software. He further told that he liked working at Blockstream with great minds but he felt that building blockchains is a difficult process which needs to be shared with the people and this is the reason behind his shifting.

To explain his current companies idea, Gorlick came forward with an example of basic calendar app. This app is deployed on a cloud platform such as Google cloud with the motive of easy to deploy and maintain the website. But the limitation is that everytime a user updates it, the developer is charged with an activity which results in a lot of waste.

Describing the functioning of Cloud machine, Gorlick said that the new technology will break this technology into a bunch of pieces which would be launched from a network of devices that would amalgamate them together.

“The still runs and executes the program, but users aren't bottlenecked to a single provider,"     - Ben Gorlick

The real limitation is the usage of Amazon Web Services used by banks where they have to spend one hour on daily basis to amalgamate the databases at the end of the day. To this Gorlick commented that the technology will allow not to rely on a single provider for many devices. By opting this process a lot of time as well as money will be saved.

Gorlick and Dilley came up with this idea while working at block stream and also decided that nodes will work as they are doing it with a part of involved incentives in the form of Crowd machine tokens.

The main idea is to cut down cost and save money and time. But crowd machine is also looking forward to cutting down the building app as well. The users will be able to create blockchain apps without having knowledge of coding at all. They will be able to do so by merely dragging on the visual interface. With the successful completion of the idea, one would be able to create smart contracts without learning ethereum’s programming language, Solidity which is hard to learn.

“We believe that having an environment where you can execute and run them on a whole variety of blockchains is a compelling reason.” – Gorlick

With the usage of this technology, developing countries like Africa will be able to accomplish their blockchain ideas without spending huge amount on AWS

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