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Enjoy The bitcoin For It Will Stay Long- Price No Bar

Apr 15, 2018 Posted /  1342 Views

Enjoy The bitcoin For It Will Stay Long- Price No Bar

Just last month bitcoin our favourite cryptocurrency saw an all-time low when it hit is the lowest patch ever when it came down from $20,000 in December to $7,000 may be lower than that in March.

This fluctuations ent waves down the cryptomarket with some gaining huge while some lost huge!

But it was not this momentary effect that created the problem. The main issue came afterwards when the image of this cryptocurrency came crashing down as an unstable money making device which will no longer stay in the market and will vanish soon. Well, it seems like Bitcoin is here to stay a little longer than before.

There are many reasons for this, and to be reminded price is not the only factor why it will survive. Let’s check out more.

BitCoin Awareness Made

No matter whatever the publicity that it got, people finally know what a bitcoin is! Yes however stupid or weird it may seem, it is the truth. All the price fluctuation if has lost 10 people then it was successful in making aware at least 30 people and could easily convert 7 people still! Which are a huge number and a huge probability for it to live through?

The extent of awareness is so much so that the clothing brand UCB (United Colours of Benetton) has started accepting bitcoins in their Lithuania branch! There are so many other companies who have realised its importance and are slowly changing themselves to suits its needs too.

Back to the Roots

When Bitcoin was launched in 2008, it came out with the healthy image of something new and bold, someplace where the money won’t just get lost like in the stocks. However, as soon as the market started growing and the people became aware of it, and played with the investments, things started going around and sometimes went for the worst too.

However, the times have changed now. People even though know its currently running low and down, they still feel it’s safe to put in some money there in it and hence are not shying away from doing so!

This electronic peer to peer system is something which has made bitcoin stand out in the crowd and enjoy the privilege of being so much looked after. The cryptocurrency has been simply mellow in this and has never been seen down till today.

What we often forget is that bitcoin has gained the attention of so many people that they themselves will do anything to make sure it sells so that their personal interest can be well satisfied, at the same time taking care of what goes around for its name. However, ultimately what matters is that Bitcoin get’s sold! Simple.

Even the founder of blockchain does not know what future holds for cryptocurrencies, yet the belief in them and their sustenance is still strong! What they believe is that it is still going to stay for long without any disturbance or competition.

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