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EOS (EOS) is threatening Ethereum's future with its spectacular growth

Jan 27, 2018 Posted /  2129 Views

EOS (EOS) is threatening Ethereum's future with its spectacular growth

Cryptocurrency market is one filled with uncertainty and doubt. However, at present time, the market is moving towards a more stabilized zone where you find only the best projects being listed in the topmost charts as the people are slowly and steadily enlarging their understanding about the cryptocurrencies.  

Right now, EOS (EOS) is standing at the number nine position in the top digital currency chart. The currency is priced at $13.15 and has a market capitalization a little over $8.2 billion. Over the last few days, the currency has witnessed a great surge in volume, with the coin trading more than $2 billion beyond its primitive exchanges.

Any investor who has devoted time researching about various cryptocurrencies, he/she might know that how EOS has rallied so far. The company who is behind this project has stated many times that this token will soon overtake Ethereum as a fundamental decentralized application technology worldwide in the next coming years.

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If you are new to learning the space of cryptocurrency you might know that this kind of outlandish claims have been made repeatedly but the technology which underpins EOS have great potential. the milestones that the company have achieved in a limited amount of time is great in itself.

There are various things that investors might like about this technology. First, you may rarely find bearish impressions overtaking the currency charts. For this you can check the price indexes and verify in different time frames, the overall report of currency seems one that is stabilized. If you compare the currencies chart with the equities market, you would find that EOS have shorter-term traders munching at the bit to pick up an appearance at the present depressed prices in the prospect of the coin proceeding to record fresh higher highs and higher lows as part of its overarching upside trend.

If you will look at it collectively, you would find attractive chances in the currency. However, this is not all the currency offers.

Block.One, the company behind the EOS technology, just declared the development of a fund to solely invest in possibilities leveraging EOS.IO software. This is the first announcement in regard to the company’s EOS VC partnership program to spur EOS.IO innovation and, more significantly, it comes as a component of a partnership TomorrowBC. You probably might have heard about TomorrowBC before.

Just think, Derek Rundell, a managing partner of Eric Schmidt’s venture firm, TomorrowVentures, is the Managing Partner of TomorrowBC. and everybody reckons that Schmidt is a billionaire and Executive Chairman of Alphabet. He is a great fan of the possible applications of blockchain technology and that TomorrowBC is seeding a fund with Block.One develops a straight link between the Google billionaire and the company EOS technology.

You can call it an important development in the lifetime of Block.One is, which is just new in the circle. This news suggests that there is a strong authentication of the technology. Nonetheless, it’s also an evidence that EOS might assuredly be making good on its potential and stepping on Ethereum’s toes in this sector. Keep in mind that the EOS technology is in its early redundancy at present, with the EOS.IO Testnet having been launched at the start of last month.

Decentralized applications have also started being built on the Testnet and as each of these applications complete and build out the EOS ecosystem, the company behind the technology is only going to witness an increased recognition in the space.

We know it completely that mainstream coverage is not really going to get a coin moving in this space. The concluding line for this technology could be that not only the currency is technically poised but as per its rally making strides essentially to position itself as an active entity that is working for the cryptocurrency revolution.

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