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EOS has possibly removed Brock Pierce for damage control of Brand image

Mar 15, 2018 Posted /  1818 Views

EOS has possibly removed Brock Pierce for damage control of Brand image

Even though the cryptocurrency realm is relatively new in the world, yet there is no limit to scandals and controversies that happen every day. In a surprising turn of events, Cryptocurrency enthusiast and speaker for EOS- Brock Pierce was removed from all the EOS videos on YouTube, and his name was also taken off from the official EOS website.

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Now, this happened some days after the famous TV host from Last Week John Oliver in a segment about cryptocurrency bashed Brock Pierce and called him a "douche." He also went on to say that Brock Pierce had a shady past and asked the audience to google about his scandal.

Immediately after the show, there was a breakout of search terms on Google such as "Brock Peirce EOS" and "EOS scandal." Moreover, it led to drop in prices of the EOS by 7%, and many people started making fun of the Pierce's 'unicorn wedding' at the famous festival Burning Man.

On the other hand, many users are rejecting the news as rumors, however, it had led everyone to think about it. One user on Reddit said…

"This makes me a little bit uncomfortable… Seems like they’re trying to hide something now. It’s like saying that John Oliver was somehow right regarding Brock Pierce. Not sure what to think about this."

If you can find the official EOS Youtube channel, you will see that all the videos featuring Pierce were deleted and were lately reuploaded without him starring in it.

It is noteworthy that Brock Pierce has always been the key speaker at every EOS event that has been hosted, and there a countless number of videos where he talks about EOS on Youtube.

Nevertheless, there has been no official statement regarding this matter by EOS. However, it is likely that EOS might have thrown him out as a strategy of damage control.

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