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Ethereum blockchain becomes the first one to be implied for a DNA sequence transfer.

Apr 18, 2018 Posted /  835 Views

Ethereum blockchain becomes the first one to be implied for a DNA sequence transfer.

On April 15th DNAtix became the world's first company to transfer a  DNA sequence onto a blockchain network. DNAtix has a very innovative concept it is basically a Genetics blockchain company which collaborates two measure cutting-edge technologies namely digitized Genetics and Blockchain.  It completed the first proof of work concept test by transferring a complete genome sequence of a virus over the Ethereum blockchain network. The bacteriophage, a single-stranded DNA virus, has also become the world's first phage whose DNA sequence is transferred onto a blockchain network.

This particular proof-of-concept test has set a milestone in DNAtix’s history through a very talented and innovative team of it. The company also believes that it is the first one to transfer a DNA sequence onto a blockchain network.

Biologically, the Human Genome is comprised of about 3 million base pairs which are approximately equivalent to 700 megabytes and can reach up to 100 gigabytes. Even after applying methods to reduce its size like  DNA compression methods. Also focusing on the differences between the reference DNA and DNA under observation like mutations, SNPs, etc. Even after compressing the DNA no blockchain Technology currently can adopt the sequence into it efficiently.

Ofer Lidsky, CEO and co-founder at DNAtix explains, "For the purpose of the POC we uploaded the virus sequence which is ~5400 'letters' that equals about 1348 bytes.”

The company's team has also developed many algorithms in order to compress the size of the DNA. Currently, the algorithms support to compress up to 75% of the DNA sequence size by using some Python scripts. The company is looking forward to improving the algorithm so that it reaches an efficiency of 99%.

This particular implementation of a DNA sequence onto a blockchain Technology has opened up many opportunities for DNAtix users, as the company is expected to provide better services to them.

"This is only the beginning of unlocking humanity's biggest mysteries," says Mr. Lidsky. "Our Genetic ecosystem will enable better genetic understanding by allowing players in the market to use our open source technology, and introduce new developments for the benefit of humankind."

The company has also developed a fully functional preliminary version similar to that of a prototype of a one-stop shop, direct to consumer platform which will enable the users to perform their partial or full DNA sequence analysis along with other tests with a wide range of services, everything is digitized.

The company's CSO & Co-founder, a Weizmann Institute's graduate with a Ph.D in molecular biology, Dr. Tal Sines, explains the importance of the DNA research,“Transferring the sequence of a virus, which in terms of size of genetic data of a living organisms is considered small, is just the first step. Your DNA is the key to improve your lifestyle and health care."

The company's ultimate vision is to develop a capability of transferring the DNA sequence effectively onto a blockchain network. This upcoming platform must be secure enough and also must be preserving the anonymity of the users.

It also aims at opening ample of opportunities for the genetic possibilities to the new world. This would in turn help in the research, improving treatment procedures, also providing a cutting-edge personalized and preventative medicines.

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