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Ethereum or Bitcoin? Which one is better for investment?

Oct 23, 2017 Posted /  6878 Views

Ethereum or Bitcoin? Which one is better for investment?

As cryptocurrencies soar high in prices the market is no longer only about Bitcoin alone, but it has become a competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum and a few others are the emerging cryptos which have been climbing in value. A question like this is something that no one can respond with any surety. We can talk about the issue which has been very widespread amongst the mobile phone users that in which phone manufacturer to invest in: Apple or Android? But we all know that any investment comes with its risks and benefits and when it comes to investment considerations in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the risks and benefits are big.

Let’s compare

Bitcoin is continuing to soar high in value over the years. Even though it has gone through had its share of ups and downs, but there have been more ups which has been very evident in the recent times. It has recently peaked above $6000. Ether which is the money unit of the Ethereum blockchain technology has seen a far more dramatic rise in the past few months, moving from a few dollars to over $300 before going down to $13 and then rebounding all in the space of a few hours in June. Bitcoin is better known cryptocurrency at present because there are companies as well as retailers eager to accept it as a form of payment for actual things. Bitcoin is relatively easy to attain. Ether is potentially a better product although very young as well as still volatile. With the token called Ether which has been having carved out of this larger element, it stands a good chance of maturing and making a success history in lockstep.

Which one can lead to better investment?

The factors that complicate the Bitcoin and Ethereum argument include their relative youth, which gives a relative immaturity of the code as well as the governance policies. Currently, both Bitcoin and Ether are worth in investing some money into for some predictive fun, if you can come in terms with the volatility as well as afford possible heavy losses.

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