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Ethos contrast between Telegram and Facebook.

Apr 17, 2018 Posted /  849 Views

Ethos contrast between Telegram and Facebook.

An event occurred this week which happens once in a blue moon. The world witnessed a side by side comparison of the two of the most famous social media networks, Facebook and Telegram. The heads of both the social media networks were brought back to the home governments for interrogation regarding the privacy. Mark Zuckerberg was brought to the United States and Pavel Durov to Russia. Their response was very intriguing, and a must observe factor especially by the crypto enthusiast. 

Both the companies have very different principles

Back in 2015 when Pavel durov was questioned by Mike Butcher at Text Crunch's disrupt related to Telegram, “Does it concern you ISIS uses Telegram?” to which he started looking back in order to avoid eye contact with the interviewer. After which he considerately replied,”That's a good question.” The interviewer interrupted him again pinpointed asks that,”You sleep well at night knowing terrorists use your platform?” Durov, finally and  intelligently answers,“I think that privacy, ultimately, and our right to privacy, is more important than our fear of bad things happening like terrorism.”

Since this answer was stated in Russia, it had no consequences. But if a similar kind of answer were given in the United States or England, it would have been like suicide for him. He would have been attacked brutally by the press and media also the government officials would not take a step back in humiliating him. But amidst all the Techies in San Francisco, he spoke about the fundamental principle of the cryptocurrencies, the privacy. Terrorism to the people of United state is a very sensitive matter it brings together all kinds of people from a variety of background in order to support the improvement of the state.

On the other hand the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had his testimony with both of the US Federal legislature. It clearly contrasted the ideology and principles to that of Telegram's. Facebook's repetitive and subtle evasions from privacy laws have always led the team to provide a testimony to the lawmakers.

When Mark Zuckerberg was interrogated on the first day by Senator John Thune, South Dakota who was one of the members of Joint Commerce and Judiciary Committees.  When the company was questioned about its long line promises and apologies regarding the at most fundamental principle of human,  privacy.  Mr. Zuckerberg acknowledged all their mistakes and later on became nostalgic about his Harvard days and also added that they were always striving for “a broader, philosophical shift.” 

The shift towards good and healthy

He also added that the company's long-term goal was to build tools which help in bringing people together but has come at the cost of company’s responsibility. Facebook, without caring about how its technology will affect the people's mindset and has always given the priority to chase the bucks. Its mean intention was to dominate the world without caring about any scammy advertisements, for which they gained high profits. They undoubtedly didn't hire people smart to filter these advertisements. 

He also continued that building tools are not enough, “we need to make sure they’re used for good. We need to now take a more active role in policing the ecosystem […] making sure all the members of our community are using these tools in a way that’s going to be good and healthy.”

On the other hand, Telegram is very serious about its cypherpunk ideologies, anonymity and censorship resistance.

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