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Everything you need to know about NEO coin.

Apr 16, 2018 Posted /  861 Views

Everything you need to know about NEO coin.

According to global coin ranking, the NEO currency is ranked as IX best cryptocurrency of the world. The initiation of the drop in its market value within in the past 24 hours just one hour before which it was trading it possessed a solid market value. This is a very normal scenario as many of the cryptocurrencies have started to accept the fluctuations as a part of their routine. However, there are no drastic changes in the market.  NEO experienced a downward market trend in a recent market crisis that had lasted for 2 weeks. Furthermore, the price dropped with - 6% against the dollar.

  • NEO and Upbit.

Currently operating to make South Korea as its biggest exchange platform, Upbit is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. NEO has a very direct connection with this cryptocurrency exchange, the potential of the connection can be understood when Upbit will start distributing GAS. It is an NEO token which would be distributed to the NEO unit HODLers.

As within a span of a couple of months we observed that Upbit, was not having good times. Which in turn has affected the faith of the people in NEO to hodl onto their investments.

However, the cryptocurrency seems to have a strong base and likely to compete with the top Cryptocurrencies of the world since it has a very strong market in Asia and also it is known as China's Ethereum. According to another prediction it is also estimated that within 5 years from now the NEO tokens will reach its optimal value and would be many times as worth as it is now.

  • NEO and ICOs.

The system is very similar to that of Ethereum blockchain, accepts ICOs, that indirectly means that the coins of different systems can be hosted on the NEO’s platform. It has also included an open protocol with its system which has to lead it to gain popularity. This was done especially in order to launch the Initial Coin Offerings.

Asura coin is related to sports betting. Since NEO provides a base for Asura coins it would be easier for betting since the NEO possesses a perfect voting protocol. The Airdrop of the Asura coin will also benefit NEO which is scheduled in May. NEO platform also supports NEX, which is to improve interaction using the template codes.

These two currencies based on NEO platform will surely push its value.

  • NeoCompiler Eco v1.0.

Using NeoCompiler users will be enabled to make contributions to the community by decentralized apps with NEO smart contracts, even though the developers come from different backgrounds and use different programming languages. All the credit goes to the NEO compiler.  With this environment, two different people working on the same smart contract can work in two different languages (Python or C#).

  • NEO and the Market.

The currency was observed dropping at - 5.98% against the dollar. The previous day the market value being good each unit was priced at $70, which fell down the next day to 62.65$.

In a nutshell, the coin is potentially focused on technical development along with accepting new coins which would intern benefit NEO coin. This particular coin can be treated as a compulsorily must Hodl coin.

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