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Finding the Diamond in the Haystack

Apr 06, 2018 Posted /  389 Views

Finding the Diamond in the Haystack

Who said that the world of stocks and now cryptos is safe to go about and an investment no one will regret? While the prices for our favorite bitcoin jumping up and down, and then finally down from $20,000 to $7,000 now in April, its dynamic nature is something which has brought towards itself a lot of attention (good and bad).

Giving you a subtle history of bitcoin, one of the most famous cryptocurrencies running in the world today, it has seen a sin wave sort of life. WIth prices rising and falling continuously and that too in a dynamic nature, this cryptocurrency has been the basis and the reason why people believe it to be unsafe is this very volatile nature of it. This has resulted in many major losses amounting to billions of USD which has resulted in the people calling for a less volatile currency in which they could invest in.

Another reasons for this fallout is the rumours of child pornogrpahy that has come out stating a potential goodwill loss for bitcoin and the GDPR judgment taken out by countries in order to bring such cryptocurrencies under regulation of the host country.

The major issue which has cropped up in it is that its unstable nature has resulted into many people looking for alternatives in the block like Ethereum. Many people are simply there to enjoy the beautiful technology for the same.

As mentioned above, in the alternatives lies another such cryptocurrency called SpeedCash.

  • SpeedCash is nothing but an incredibly fast transaction platform making transfer in less than 20 seconds, and of course high in privacy.
  • They have their proof of work and proof of concept to get the best investors on board
  • It is already listed on exchange platforms like TradeSatoshi and CryptoHub. This shows how fast it is growing and how reliable it has become.
  • Owns a market cash upto $250,000 with a low market cap but a high demand
  • The team is exceptionally dedicated and is sticking to their growth plans since long. They have a clear path on how things will go ahead and how the hcanges will be reflected, giving the best user experiecne.

There is not much about SpeedCash to be told now, but what interests the users is just how quick, smooth and secure this technology is. As and when this technology comes to life, the results are going to be exceptional.

For more information on seedcash, visit

This link will direct you to the social media channels and various links to the wallet to know more about it.

If a technology like this comes to life, it will definitely be something which will bring ahead. Not only because it is quick and secure, but also because it provides a fresh change to all the users of cryptocurrencies which the existing ones are not able to do in the right way.

It doesn’t matter if it’s new or low in value, it for sure is a gem and keep watching it out. You never know that someday, Speedcash is generating enough revenue to surpass the already established giants and making sure of staying at those high echelons for long, providing a safe and secure environment for the same.

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