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Fraudsters Hack Verified Twitter Account To Steal Digital Currency By Pretending To Be Telegram's CEO

Apr 30, 2018 Posted /  2860 Views

Fraudsters Hack Verified Twitter Account To Steal Digital Currency By Pretending To Be Telegram's CEO

Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram and its TON Initial Coin Offering (ICO) tweeted a notice, telling his adherents that the messaging application is encountering downtime because of its server cluster's overheating. Durov's tweet drew the attention of fraudulent digital currency giveaway fraudsters who have asserted, acting like Telegram's CEO, to offer digital currency to clients as a thank you for their loyalty.

As per a report by BlockShow, Durov isn't distributing digital currency and clients are warned against having any kind of an interaction with the fraudsters.

The fraudsters have figured out how to seize the Twitter account of a little known Swedish musical band Club 8 and change its name and symbol to influence it to look precisely as Durov's official Twitter account. This was done in an obvious endeavor to use the verified mark  to cheat clients into trusting that they are conducting an honest digital currency giveaway. 

As per a security alert by the Metamask phishing identifier, the declaration of the phony giveaway of 5,000 Ethereum and 1,000 Bitcoin contains connections to two sites with the bitcoin and ethereum wallet locations of the fraudsters, which the clients are suggested not to interact with.

According to Blockshow's report, the fraudsters  have figured out how to get around 1 BTC from victims who are unaware in only 27 minutes. 

Previously, fraudsters have also pretended to be Pavel Durov on Twitter so as to trick clients into giving over their digital currency. Recently in March, some fraudsters apparently figured out how to steal $60,000 in ethereum by exploiting a power failure at Telegram servers. 

Nevertheless, the present case is made special, the way fraudsters have figured out how to hack into a Twitter verified account and change it, so as to act like Durov, while keeping the verified account and along these lines making the trick more prone to draw in more victims.

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