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GameCoin - CEO, the Team and their vision

Aug 21, 2017 Posted /  7689 Views

GameCoin - CEO, the Team and their vision

GameCoin - CEO, the Team and their Vision

GameCoin is an ICO which serves as a platform to bring the gaming community and  the digital currency market together. It has implemented the idea to bring the gaming industry and cryptocurrency all to a different level, which one would have never thought that gaming can also serve as a medium to earn and invest in cryptocurrencies. It definitely not only lets to keep up with the gaming passion but also if you are an avid game addict person you can earn as well, as they have such provisions where one can play games and earn, trade, invest and exchange in terms of cryptocurrencies all at one platform. It must have taken a lot of brainpower to frame and create such a platform. Let us know about the extraordinary team who are behind this platform:

1. The Founder of GameCoin

The Founder of the GameCoin is Alexander Maldenstein. He is the main man behind this exceptional concept. He has not only conceptualized about this idea but also is very firm about his involvement in the various decisions regarding the ICO platform.

2. The Team of GameCoin


He is the IT business partner of the ICO. He has partnered with the GameCoin in terms to have a partnership related to the development and solutions for the Information and Technology area.


Blockchain which is the backbone for every ICOs, needs an expertise for handling and making development in it for the benefit of both company as well as user. IGOR is thus the person who handles the development of blockchain. He is the Blockchain developer.


A company's profit margin, profit sharing and all other aspects related to finance are quite crucial for the organization to be in the market, thus by making profit.

A financial advisor is the one who manages all these aspects as well as he/she also helps to seek financial support and services for the company.

The mastermind behind all the decisions made financially is MARIA, who is the Financial advisor of the ICO. 


The market value of any product is determined by the way the product is marketed and perceived by the people.

Polina is the marketer for the ICO. She plans all the marketing relating strategies and markets the ICO in front of the public eye.


Any growing company needs to have a good relations with the public and other companies, in spite of the competition. Veronica, thus helps to maintain the same, she is the PR manager of the ICO. She handles the PR in Canada, Europe and Australia.


He is the PR manager for the ICO, for CHINA, TAIWAN, HONG KONG. 


He is the development advisor for the GameCoin ICO. He plans the techniques for the development and enhancements to be made for the ICO.

3. Their Vision

While there is no scarcity in terms of the conceptualization and in the capabilities of the powerful team, who have given this quirky concept a lot of efforts. The gaming industry being the most loved and attractive one in the lot, has its few problems as well.

The GameCoin has aimed to offer solutions to such issues, which will also help people to associate themselves with Blockchain technology.

This ICO will be really beneficial to the people who are fond of Computer games.

4. Game Monetization

Monetization of games, is the term used by the ICO which will help the gamers to adapt to the blockchain technology where they will have a wallet, where they can access the cryptocurrencies, exchange it, earn and as well as can convert it.

5. Marketplace

To create a marketplace for such a unique concept won't take much time. Because the gaming industry is always growing, with the advancement in the technology in gaming. 

6. A Profitable Investment

Thus, it will be a profitable decision to invest in GAME, because it is an idea conceived in such a way that it will definitely provide entertainment, fun for the users. 

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