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George Weiksner – CEO of Pocketful of Quarters.

Feb 14, 2018 Posted /  3308 Views

George Weiksner – CEO of Pocketful of Quarters.

George Weiksner is an 11-year-old school going, boy. He lives in Old Greenwich, Connecticut with his parents and studies in 6th grade in Greenwich country day school. And from this point onwards his story is slightly different from his classmates.

A meeting is organized every Monday in a New York-based restaurant, Bagatelle where all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts gather and share their ideas about virtual tokens. George Weiksner seems out of place from such meetings due to his age, but he ardently attends such get togethers.

The young boy is highly interested in prevailing virtual economy and also the originated ‘Pocketful Of Quarters’ in such young age. As per website “Pocketful of Quarters is the universal cryptocurrency for games”. The concept of the website is to provide a platform to gamers where every game accepts the same cryptocurrency, Quarters. Further, the CEO of PoQ, George has mentioned on his website that the Quarters is designed to play games only and thus not compatible with investors for speculations. The virtual gaming token is based on ERC-20 and all transactions are recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

In an interview with ICO Investor TV, George Weiksner said:

“This idea came up. I was coming back from school, and my dad told me about cryptocurrencies. I had this idea with games that [was] one for all your games, and that’s how this idea got started,”

A chip off the old block, George is quite like his father, Michael Weiksner who has done his Ph.D. from Stanford University and currently he is a general partner in a next-generation platform investing company, Rostrum Capital. As per Michael Weiksner’s LinkedIn account, Rostrum is planning to invest in 15 companies an amount in between $100,000 and $250,000 within next two years.

As per Pocketful of Quarters (PoQ) websites, the gaming platform could attract around only 100 players till now and could not raise thousands of dollars of capital, but it managed to attain a niche in the crypto world.

George shared his views with MarketWatch on ICO. He said that there is a difference between the beginning and ending in ICO and cryptocurrency investment. Initial coin offering takes place after the introduction of the idea and a person gives his input in a partly build platform whereas cryptocurrency investment is more like afterward.

Lou Kerner is the man behind successful meetups that takes place every Monday in Bagatelle. When George’s father pitched him an ICO, he was not expecting it to be a cryptocurrency platform for games. Lou really liked the idea.

Talking about ICOs, it is getting even more exciting than any traditional venture of fundraising. The concept gathered popularity in 2016 and despite recent fall in Bitcoins value, it succeeded in climbing up to 780% since the end of 2016.

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