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German Consultants manage Medical Data via Blockchain

Apr 11, 2018 Posted /  547 Views

German Consultants manage Medical Data via Blockchain

German Consultants manage Medical Data via Blockchain


Camelot Management Consultants have come up with a Blockchain-based solution for managing the delicate medical data, using the Hypertrust X-Chain data management system, they strive to provide the healthcare industry with a secure platform for the transmission of patient data. Also, to provide a platform for participation in the therapy process with decentralized data storage based on Blockchain technology.


All information exchanges are encoded and put away on an unchangeable Blockchain and will be done straightforwardly between the approved members, the organization says. It will likewise permit the "integration of partner systems", "real-time temperature, location and quality control as well as reliable proof of origin".


To outline the benefits of the new framework contrasted with ordinary techniques, Camelot Consulting Group utilizes the case of extracorporeal cell treatments in which patients' cells are expelled and prepared in a mind-boggling, multistage process.


"Many different actors are involved in this process, such as the treating clinic, the cell removal center, logistics service providers and pharmaceutical companies. Today, most important data is still transmitted by analog means in order to be recorded again in the course of the further process. The risk of erroneous data and data misuse is therefore immensely high."


As indicated by the organization, Hypertrust X-Chain's closed-loop inventory network approach keeps any perplexity or abuse of samples and information amid treatment.

The framework created by Camelot Consulting Group is only one of a much longer list of Blockchain projects for data management.

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