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Harshita Arora, A Sixteen Year Old Indian Girl Sells Her Crypto App To A California Based Firm

Apr 07, 2018 Posted /  763 Views

Harshita Arora, A Sixteen Year Old Indian Girl Sells Her Crypto App To A California Based Firm

Harshita Arora, A Sixteen Year Old Indian Girl Sells Her Crypto App To A California Based Firm

A 16-year-old young lady from India, Harshita Arora built up her own cryptocurrency tracking application. She has gained an overall attention inside the digital currency community and now she even has an offer from a noteworthy blockchain venture firm.

Harshita Arora is one of the developing numbers of youngsters making waves in the juvenile crypto industry.

Considering her inexperience, she still figured out how to draw the attention of California based blockchain firm Redwood City Ventures by creating a mind-blowing crypto application.

Harshita Arora is a self-taught 16-year-old girl from India. She belongs to a  residential community north of New Delhi. She began finding out about coding and digital design when she was just 13 years of age. She found out about digital currencies in a tech magazine. Arora immediately built up the energy for cryptocurrencies and soon understood that it was an open door for her to utilize her abilities and make an application.

The inspiration for the application originated from a want to enable individuals to track the rapidly developing number of digital currencies all the more effective.

Crypto Price Tracker, Harshita Arora's application is intuitive, efficient, and enables clients to always monitor a wide range of digital currencies.
At present, the application enables clients to screen the costs of more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies progressively. Not just that, Crypto Price Tracker underpins 10 languages and shows digital currency costs on 20 distinct trades and in 32 flat currencies.The application can even be utilized to deal with a crypto portfolio or set alerts.It moved to the highest point of the App Store in under a day.

Harshita's coordinated effort with Redwood City Ventures started when organization's founder, Sean Walsh, posted a cryptocurrency application advertisement on LinkedIn. Before sufficiently long, he went over the application and it looked great, worked incredibly was sensibly evaluated. When he found that this current application's engineer is a 16-year-old girl, he was very shocked. Walsh was awed with her insight and development, and the firm chose to get her application.

Walsh expressed that the application will make Redwood City Ventures more focused. Additionally, he said that a standout amongst the most vital things at this moment is technical diversity, which is the reason youthful abilities like Harshita Arora are required in the new crypto world.

Harshita Arora wants to utilize the cash from her application to proceed with her education and she anticipates moving to Silicon Valley and drenching herself more in the industry.

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