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How Blockchain can benefit Shipping and logistics

Nov 11, 2017 Posted /  11019 Views

How Blockchain can benefit Shipping and logistics

Blockchain technology is recognized mostly as the technology at the back of bitcoin which is a distributed and encrypted database design that is measured resistant to corruption and any kind of interference. Precisely, a blockchain logs information on a network plus stores them in blocks that are connected as well as protected by cryptography. The big feature about Blockchain is that nobody needs consent to put it into practice in their business. However, everybody concerned would have to be consigned to the technology for it to work efficiently. With an extensive need for perception still there, this possibly will take years to put into service. This technology may be well on its line of attack to become the future of shipping and logistics.

En route to blockchain

Self-governing vehicles, as well as Amazon, might be the shipping industry's catchphrase nowadays, but blockchain is well on its way to becoming the prospect. United Parcel Service has recently announced that it has joined the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA) which is the most up-to-date logistics company after taking a quick glance at the platform's contributions.
Linda Weakland, UPS director of enterprise architecture and innovation said in a statement "The technology has the potential to increase transparency and efficiency among shippers, carriers, brokers, consumers, vendors and other supply chain stakeholders,"  Stifel analyst John Larkin said Consumers are among those who could benefit from the widespread adoption of blockchain technology throughout the logistics industry. Larkin writes "Products would arrive more cheaply, quickly and precisely, thanks to the blockchain. Even software providers, data providers, and trailer-leasing companies are among those who could see greater value from day-to-day operations if the technology is implemented as theorized."
A Marine Transport International(MTI) which is a logistics technology company that has been budding blockchain-based solutions. It has been giving out its learnings with BLOC, which is a community and platform functioning on authenticating blockchain solutions to meet common needs as well as produce shared value. It is rising ground-breaking ways to move cargo around the globe more proficiently through technology. It is making a blockchain data easily reached to all maritime, logistics and port players.

How Blockchain Technology Can promote Logistics?

The benefits blockchain technology can bring to the logistics sector. Here are a few ways the technology can improve the industry:

• Benefit FOR CUSTOMERS: For most people, little is known about the products they use. With blockchain technology, clients will be able to observe each part of the journey their product took before arriving in their hands. The network behind the store shelf will no longer be out of sight, which will allow the customer to make improved informed assessments.

• Benefit FOR AUDITORS: for the reason that the past of transactions is locked into each block, auditors will have an easier time accepting where items, as well as resources, have gone.

• SECURITY: The technology will allow supply chain companies to recognize attempted deceptions more with no trouble.

As digitization, as well as technological advances in the industry, increases its speed, businesses need to work together to continue with the swiftness of transformation and give out customer needs. Blockchain promises to maintain trust plus perk up effectiveness in these joint efforts.


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