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How Blockchain can Employer the Global Online communities

Feb 12, 2018 Posted /  11468 Views

How Blockchain can Employer the Global Online communities

Modern Online Communities Vs Tribes

In the past humans settled in large groups of people with similar characteristics in most cases having similar means of survival too. Nomads lived with fellow nomads so did farmers or blacksmiths. This was the core of the society and tribes gave a sense of belonging to its members.

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With civilization and constant urbanization people gradually started breaking away from tribes preferring to live a more independent life with one's own sets of means of survivals. Soon enough even family units started breaking when the children reach a certain age they prefer departing their families and living independently elsewhere.

Blockchain technology is linked with millions of possibilities that can be applied to every aspect of the human life. From business, technology and science to culture and society. Online communities have been in existence since the introduction of the internet. During the early days of the internet online communities were only used by top government agencies, the military and scientist who were pushing technological advancement to the next level.

Unlike the ancient way of life where people lived in tribes and clans, people living in communities originate from a diversity of background and have different beliefs. There are millions of communities across the world which can make making to a choice to job one a hard task. This is where blockchain comes in. Blockchain can be used to categorize an unlimited number of communities and highlights of each of them do.

How Blockchain can Optimize functionalities of Online Communities

Currently millions of online communities are already in existence and in some of these communities innovative groundbreaking ideas are coming out. Basically most online communities are organised in accordance with the main activities that the community was created for proceeding to the less important auxiliary that take place in the communities as well.

With hundreds of millions and sometimes billions these communities can sway how an event is suppose to happen specifically in the local arena. In recent years content shared via online communities triggered a major political revolution across the Arab world affecting more than 8 countries across Africa and Asia.

Blockchain can be used to filter what online communities share as not every content available online is justifiable or true. For example the escalation of fake news being weaponized by some group of people to affect results in national elections of a country. This is how far the effect of online communities can stretch.

With a well developed blockchain infrastructure governing and controlling the content published on online communities become much easier both to the authority and the community owners. This helps in ensuring that every community qualitatively serve its purpose and is not to portray negative of hate information to affect other members.

The future of Online Communities with Blockchain

Several research have been conducted to prove the security associated with Blockchain and found out that blockchain still provides the most secured pipeline for sata conveyance. Futurist hopes that in the nearby future everything in our community will be controlled using Blockchain.

From healthcare, education and elections blockchain can be crafted to engulf all these most important aspects of our healthcare blockchain can be used in large scale disease control and tracking epidemics. It can also be used both in national elections and in the education system.

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