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How Can the Blockchain Technology Fuel Struggling Artists Career Overnight?

Dec 07, 2017 Posted /  7714 Views

How Can the Blockchain Technology Fuel Struggling Artists Career Overnight?

Remember the days of the 90s' when there was an air of talks on the Internet and it's uncanny capabilities to do just about anything to everything. Those days are back, but with a different technology, Blockchain. Though this pioneering technology has been looming around for several decades, it came into limelight with the advent of the Bitcoin currency, put forth either by a Japanese crypto coder or a group of professionals in the year 2009.

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To understand this technology from a layman's tongue, the blockchain is just a virtual ledger, similar to bookkeeping banking ledger worldwide employed before the dawn of the computer age.  Here, in a Blockchain network, the ledger is shared publicly on each computer in the chain, to help retrieve the data in no time in the episode of a cyber attack. Computers play the central role of verifying the data and storing it in the Blockchain ledger.

Today, this technology is seen by people and investors with great trust and high admiration, and several reports and surveys suggest Blockchain has one of the cornerstones of the global success of cryptocurrencies. The length of applications of Blockchain technology includes: decentralization of the banking sector, modernizing the airline industry, redefine the limitations of the life and personal coaching, ease of merchant payments, digitalizing the information storing setup of global universities, and this list is truly endless. Some veterans of the entertainment industry and the Blockchain experts are in a view that this technology can be implemented in the right way to help struggling artists find someone who can recognize their immense talent.

Art and the Blockchain Technology

From a layman's the point of view cryptocurrency and the ecosystem of art are both independent entities and cannot be united for the latter’s betterment. But, on the other hand, if you are a modern day content creator, who have embraced the latest technologies for your own betterment, then, you probably know cryptocurrency is an ocean of possibilities to make big gains thanks to your special skills and magical ability to handcraft masterpieces.

Even now and then, we come across stories of scams and cheats where the artist is been robbed off his or her work by big brand or a powerful organization, and paid peanuts or nothing. Thus, pushing us back from bringing in technology to the landscape of art. But a new technology named Blockchain can help artists copyrighting their content which will boost its value in the virtual world of the Internet. Thereby, allowing the content creators to better utilize their raw talent and skills.

Do you know that the physical art digitizing was of the primary applications of the technology and have been implemented for some time now? Yes, the world of physical art has been using this technology to authenticate the owner creator of the content. Top companies dealing with the trade of physical art are relying on the Blockchain network to verify the true owner of the art of the sale. Not only for the artists, based on this technology these companies present their buyer with digital certificates of authentication to their customers. Thus, both the parties the buyer and seller interests are addressed by the nucleolus technology of the cryptocurrency.

This is no secret that the life of digital is baffling, certainly with the amount of competition out there with everyone calling himself or herself the best in the respective art vertical.  For instance, to emphasize the struggle of an artist in today's epoch, a musical earns around one cent per video playing on popular video social platforms. Add to misery, they are paid around 1 to 2 dollars for their original content on illustrious art trade Web platforms. Today  Internet users have the luxury to Download anything and everything, be it new Rihana's album or Justice League in HD, just with a few clicks here and there. And that too without spending a dollar. This is what haunts the digital artists worldwide. The emergence of social platforms has been disadvantageous to the digital art as they have become networks of distribution of unnamed content which subjects to copyright.  

One of the successful examples implementation of the Blockchain technology into the world of digital art is Cryptopunks developed by Larva Labs. The company created 10,000 digitalized characters stored on the Ethereum Blockchain and Put forth for sale. Here, no two characters are alike. And what' so ironic, an individual can buy only one such character. You can check the punks for sale over its website.

The red ones indicate which already being claimed, blue ones are those which are available for buying, while the purple one's characters with the active bid.

Not only Cryptopunks there are several practical examples of the Blockchain technology incorporated into the global digital world.   

At the end of it all, this technology has immense potential to redefine the lengths and breadths of the digital art ecosystem, only proper interest and dedication is required to breathe life into every idea.

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