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How Royal Kingdom Coin ICO did so far and why you should invest in the last 18 Hours remaining

Aug 11, 2017 Posted /  2801 Views

How Royal Kingdom Coin ICO did so far and why you should invest in the last 18 Hours remaining

How Royal Kingdom Coin ICO did so far and why you should invest in the last 18 Hours remaining

With the cryptocurrency craze going on in Dubai, Royal Kingdom Enterprise Ltd is another Dubai, UAE, based company which provides business development solution plans based on the swiftly expanding blockchain technology and smart contracts as well. Royal Kingdom Coin aims to offer B2B solutions to their business customers, with the help of the innovative blockchain technology. The company is growing with a decent pace, and it has launched a company called Venture Kingdom, which provides financial business solutions and giving a payment gateway system incorporated with the multi-currency exchange system. It later created another company named RKE IT solutions, which used to offer web based solutions to their clients. It is also in the process to develop another company named Tomorrow which will be a distributed exchange system, with the help of blockchain technology.

The Royal Kingdom Coin to introduced ICO its token sale on the 11 July 2017. The total number of tokens issued will be 15 millions. Out of which 18% will be issued on Royal Kingdom Coin based Venture Kingdom ICO. It consisted of total 8 rounds which are ICO planning, pre-sale, marketing, ICO closure, Tomorrow exchange, opening of RKC and first payment of company's profit. It has divided 18% of tokens in ICO pool, 2% for pre-sale ICO, 80% for shareholders.

The ICO token holders will get their RKC immediately and their coins will get freezed in their wallets until the opening of Official Trading of TOMORROW and Venture Kingdom, that is when the users can sell their coins. It will be possible to sell (trading of RKC token) from August 14th,2017, date that will officially open currency trading on the Venture Kingdom and Tomorrow Exchange Platform. This date may change aslong as holders of the currency are notified 48 hours in advance.The market will determine the value of the coin. The price is set to $0.10, but the algorithm in the smart contract is going to increase the price slightly every time someone buys a token. The algorithm, being programmed to increase the coins price continuously and indefinitely will serve as an anti-inflationary measure based on Moore’s Law. That means that we will discover the market valuation of the coin, and at some point, during the sale, the price will become stable. RKC Token will be sent immediately to its buyers who will have the tokens in RKC wallets on the Venture Kingdom Platform.

Let us look at some features of  RKC which justifies the purchasing of RKC on the last day of its sale, i.e today on 11 August 2017

1. Trading Options

RKC Holders will be able to interact and trade currencies in a variety of ways. It will be traded like anyother digital asset on the Venture Kingdom and its distributed exchange platform afterthe official opening of trading at the end of ICO. 

2. Services Acquisition

Holders of RKC Tokens may use them in the future as a form of payment for the purchase of services and products from Royal Kingdom projects, which will be

defined soon.

3. Token Appreciation

They will use part of the company's profits inorder to project the appreciation of the RKC Token and a shortage of coins, avoiding eviction.

4. Profit Sharing

Holders of the RKC token are entitled to receive monthly profit sharing, this bonus will be paid proportionally to the amount of tokens that the user holds in their wallets on Venture Kingdom and Tomorrow Exchange at the time the payment split is made. The first distribution of profit sharing will take place on February 1, 2018.

Participating in an organization's ICO means understanding and believing in the potential of its projects. It is a powerful action that turns ideas into reality. Therefore, with the funds raised, that will help in the development of the projects proposed by Royal Kingdom Enterprise Ltd, leading to the expansion of the organization. Before purchasing any coins in this ICO sale, investors should carefully read the terms and conditions to be aware of the proceedings.

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