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How Social Apps will make an Impact in 2017?

May 13, 2017 Posted /  5939 Views

How Social Apps will make an Impact in 2017?

 An Insight by SMALL PLANET 

Smartphone apps have become the modern replacements of our everyday organizing tools. From calculators to schedulers, apps have become efficient and reliable handy helpers for work, study, play, and even our daily chores. Along with the growing number of mobile phone users, app downloads are expected to soar and see a rapid increase over the next few years. Forecasts have shown up to 286 billion apps could be downloaded by users by 2017.

It is interesting to see that even though only four out of 10 apps are messaging apps, they occupy the top four spots after Facebook. It could be that a new emerging trend for mobile apps is the shift from social media to communication. With people able to chat with their friends and relatives anywhere in the world, messaging apps are being seen as affordable and practical alternatives compared to SMS messaging or even video calls. And of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise. It was texting that made mobile phones so popular in the beginning.

For those engaged in application publishing, the rising popularity of messaging apps is an indication of a shifting behaviour amongst mobile app users. There may be various reasons as to why this trend is emerging, but some people feel it is because of social media fatigue. Too much exposure on social networks have pulled people back to more private forms of communication like messaging.

Nevertheless, social media remains to be a popular platform for many mobile app users and it won't be fading from the limelight anytime soon. In fact, it has a growing network base in Asia.

There are three points for app publishers to keep in mind when positioning themselves between social media and messaging apps:

  1. Target your apps by localizing them - App localization is critical in building rapport, especially in Asian countries. Just look at the success of QQ, Line and WeChat. There is a large mobile app user population outside English-speaking countries, so it's wise to capitalize on it.
  2. Create a niche market - The success of Instagram started by carving a niche out of an existing target market. Try to center your app on a specific market first, and if it works, see if these users are influential enough to spread the world throughout their communities.
  3. Adapt to local social media and messaging - Boosting app presence is common by linking them to popular social media and messaging platforms. But to reach a wider audience, Twitter or Facebook won't be enough. Remember that in some countries, other apps take the lead like QQ, WeChat, and QZone. It is not a "one-size-fits-all" thing. If your app can adapt, then you'll capture more users.

Teenagers and young adults switching off from Facebook and other social apps reveal how the change has affected their lives. It makes you realise who your real friends are and how social media takes the joy out of sharing news with people. What do you think? Does social media connect or disconnect people in real life? To me, it's a bit of a paradox. What's supposed to connect people and make them more "social," disconnects them from real people - and connects them to real virtual people.

During the last two decades, the internet, social media, and mobile devices (the ingredients) have had a profound impact on many aspects of our lives; and changes in our connectivity habits and communications paradigms have been two of the main ones. Today, we have the ability to be connected 24/7 and communicate independent from time or location.Using technology, we are settling for mere connection instead of communication, escaping the reality to enjoy virtuality - and I think we are missing out on some very real life stuff. This is unlike any other generation in the history of mankind. The ingredients are not just parts of our real life anymore; for many, they are the real life. They are changing our behaviour on so many levels that it cannot be ignored anymore.

With all the friends and followers on social media, we are missing out on real friends and family and real relationships. The ones who are close to us and are physically present. We don't pay enough attention to them, because we are busy with our Twitter or Instagram feeds and likes. Or for instance, nowadays, parents complain about kids' not paying attention because they're busy with their smart phones, but the same parents usually have one eye on their smart phones, doing email or social media, at breakfast while their kids are talking to them; but it's about the example we're setting with our behaviour, isn't it?

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