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How to leverage Kotlin for your Android App Development?

Jun 01, 2017 Posted /  2480 Views

How to leverage Kotlin for your Android App Development?

Recently at Google I/O keynote, its Android team gladly announced top-notch support for Kotlin. It’s a huge and key step for Android developers. Kotlin support can be proved as a key chance to use modern and ground-breaking language that helps in solving very common challenges including source code verbosity and runtime exceptions. Since its launch, Kotlin is merely easy to start with and it can be gradually imbibed and introduced into the existing projects. That means your existing passion; skills and technology investments are truly conserved.

Kotlin for Android

Kotlin is basically developed by JetBrains, the same team which developed IntelliJ. Android Studio was developed on the pioneering IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE. The search giant, Google also shared that it is collaborating with JetBrains to convert Kotlin into a nonprofit organization.

Soon after its launch, Android is attaining huge applauses and support for the very same Kotlin language, which is launched in addition to C++ and Java. 

To start with, Android Studio 3.0 will be shipped with Kotlin out of the box. That means Android developers are no longer required to install any extra plugins or worry about any compatibility issues. To move forward, you can feel assured because both JetBrains and Google are going to support Kotlin Android development.

In case, if you are concerned about other major platforms will be supported by Kotlin or not. Then here’s your answer- Kotlin/JVM will be for server and Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native will be for the desktop. At Parangat, we are looking forward to making Kotlin a ground-breaking tool for end-to-end development of various applications and bridging numerous platforms by leveraging the same language. And, that includes Android & iOS clients, full-stack web apps and embedded/IoT etc. 

Today Programming languages have just become like humans: more they speak, better they are. Top-notch support on Android is likely to bring more and more users towards Kotlin. And, that’s why we expect the community and organization to grow more considerably. That means more libraries and exceptional tools are developed in/for Kotlin, more Kotlin job offerings are there, more experience are shared and more learning materials are getting published, so on. And, we are thrilled to see the Kotlin ecosystem is getting a flourishing response.

Google described Kotlin, an exceptional and open source project, which is under Apache 2.0 license. It is an exceptionally well-designed and established language that is believed to make Android app development swifter and more exciting. In fact few of the developers have already started adopting the language for creating their production apps. That includes Flipboard, Expedia, Square, and Pinterest. Already there are a lot of passionate and dexterous Kotlin developers available for Android.

Since its launch, Google is making efforts to make Android apps coding easier. Android app developers will become excited to know that Google’s Kotlin’s compiler will emit Java byte-code. Even Kotlin can flawlessly call Java, and similarly, Java can flawlessly call Kotlin. In fact this effortless interlinking between the mentioned two languages is the key and a huge chunk of Kotlin’s request towards the Android team.

And, that means you can add Kotlin as per the project requirements into the existing codebase. That means you can mix both the languages adequately in the same project. For calling out Kotlin code from the Java code, it doesn’t require any effort. But for calling Java code, it requires some automatically applied transformation conventions.

For getting started with Kotlin, you need to download the preview of Android Studio 3.0, and then open any of the existing Java files. Next, you need to choose the “Convert Java File to Kotlin File”, which you can find in Code menu. Then Android Studio helps you in getting the walk through by successfully adding Kotlin reliance (as per the requirements) into your existing project, and then converts the existing code into the functionally equal and similar Kotlin code.

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