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If you can't afford bitcoin try other cryptos

Apr 30, 2018 Posted /  235 Views

If you can't afford bitcoin try other cryptos

It is important to make the people there are more other cryptos other than bitcoin. It is true that they don’t make the profit as bitcoin does but till they make profits and they don’t come close to bitcoin valuation. There are some transactions such as Etherum. Litecoin and ripple which are some of the competitors. By June 2017 there were 900 cryptocurrencies available in the market from which some remained and some vanished away.  Here is some cryptocurrency which is cheaper than bitcoin and is affordable.

•    Etherum- it is a platform where peer to peer transaction happens and also include a support called the smart contacts. This enables developers to create apps which other industries can run. Etherum has collaboration with Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft, Samsung and many others. The price of etherum is US$ 680.68.

•    Litecoin(LTC)-  is one of the initial cryptocurrencies which came into in the market in 2011, and is referred as silver and bitcoin were referred as the gold. As compared to bitcoin it is the lot faster as they use advanced technology and which enables faster transactions confirmation.  The recent price of litecoin is US$ 151.99.

•    Ripple- it offers both cryptocurrencies as wells as digital payments for financial institutions, they are allowing seamless transactions to other like litecoin, bitcoin etc. they have well-structured infrastructure technology which is being used by various banks such as Unicredit, UBS, and Santander. They provide the network which provides the faster mode of transactions. The price of Ripple is $0.848367.

•    Dash-also was known as darkcoin or Xcoin it offers same features like bitcoin but with more advancement. It is a two-tier system in which the first tier it has the miners who write transactions to the blockchain and help in making it secure to use. The price of Dash is US$ 498.00.

•    Zcash(ZEC)-  it is a new cryptocurrency which came on 2016 September, it is said to be the alternative of bitcoin. It offers privacy and transparency on selected transactions. Zcash publishes its blockchain to the public with the information of the amount, the details of the sender and the receiver. It is said that Zcash has a total supply of 21 million units. 

As now we can see that apart from Bitcoins there are various other cryptocurrencies to invest in an early investment in this will help to gain profits in the cryptocurrency market.

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