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In United States, West Virginia Concludes It's First Blockchain Based State Elections

May 12, 2018 Posted /  6195 Views

In United States, West Virginia Concludes It's First Blockchain Based State Elections

ETHNews detailed polls shut down in West Virginia's first election, which was conducted on May 8, concluding the primary government run, blockchain upheld vote in the history of United State. Most of the voters cast their votes in regular ballots, but some voters in specific areas voted on a mobile-based blockchain platform.

The mobile blockchain based voting platform, created by Voatz, was just accessible to a particular group of voters. Members were deployed military individuals, different natives qualified to vote non-attendees under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) and their companions and wards. Voters were additionally constrained to people enrolled in two West Virginia provinces, Harrison and Monongalia.

State electoral procedures and institutions are the domain of the Office of the Secretary of State. Mike Queen, director of communications for West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, stated:

"The office of the Secretary believes blockchain does provide a heightened level of security on this type of mobile voting app. We're genuinely hoping that will allow this type of a mobile app to be made available in the future, as early perhaps as our general election to military voters."

The review of the voting activity will be carried out by representatives of Voltz and the agents delineating Harrison and Monongalia regions. Different groups will likewise be welcome to give input, for example, interest parties in West Virginia, province representatives from non-engaging wards, governor of the state and the Board of Public Works.

After the audit, Secretary Warner will choose whether to execute the program across the state in the upcoming general elections, which will be held in November. Queen assumes that Warner will just advance across the nation execution only if auditors of the trial run acknowledge that it is wise to do so. Queen said that he anticipates that Warner will settle on a choice by mid-July this year on whether to develop the program or not.

While Queen communicates his desire for the framework's utilisation in future elections, a few specialists stay wary with respect to electronic voting, and Voatz's solution specifically. College of South Carolina's professor of Computer Science, Duncan Buell trusts that the facial acknowledgement and scanning fingerprint technologies the organisation utilises to confirm voter identity could be open to hacks.

Nevertheless, Queens said the Secretary's office is exceptionally encouraged so far and he trusts that blockchain based voting is a practical choice. He included that there are a number of different states who are confirming about the mobile voting arrangement and who is likewise intrigued by it.

The declaration for trial-run was first made in March of this current year. The choice was embraced by Secretary Warner to enhance openness and upgrade trust in the electoral framework.

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