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India organising its biggest Blockchain Conference, ‘IndiaOnBlocks’

Feb 18, 2018 Posted /  3150 Views

India organising its biggest Blockchain Conference, ‘IndiaOnBlocks’

India, famed among the blockchain enthusiasts as one country with the most potential to disrupt the blockchain world, is soon going to have its ‘Biggest ever Blockchain Conference’. The company is reluctant to reveal much about the event this soon.

IndiaOnBlocks, the company behind, told Applancer while announcing it “This is one-of-its-kind conference to be organised in India. This country has a massive potential to act as a catalyst of huge blockchain disruption. Our mission is to to bring the whole crypto world- startups, businesses, enthusiasts altogether under the same roof. The conference will take place somewhere around this summer.

We are already very excited to announce this event. We want the people to decide where it should be organised and thus we have put up a poll on our website where people get to choose their favourite venue. We ask you-  which part of the country, you would like us to begin our journey? There is the list of the cities and you can absolutely vote for your favourite one. The ones with the most number of tickets will be selected and will officially be famed as the first city to host the IndiaOnBlocks event.”

A lot still is still kept under hood by the company, although you can find more about further announcements and the famed poll here on their website, check out-

Rest we will keep you updated!


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