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Interested in Bitcoin Mining! Here is what you need to know!

Nov 21, 2017 Posted /  2179 Views

Interested in Bitcoin Mining! Here is what you need to know!

Bitcoin mining is a platform that helps in creating new bitcoins under particular blocks which is confirmed by the genuine transaction processed under trustful and legitimate manner. Though it might sound simpler, honestly this procedure is quite difficult in terms of resourcing the same. And the reason behind the same is set up the entire hardware and software for this procedure. And let’s not forget about the puzzles that need to be solved if you wish to increase bitcoins to the public platform of the ledger.

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The procedure, in fact, aids in securing the transactions which are recorded in the ledger or blocking the chain. When the mining procedure is conducted, the function called cryptographic hashing keeps on running on the hardware on a header of the block. Users can receive the elements of the header of the block in term of separate numbers at every hashing hit. The other name given to this number is “nonce”. This number is a combination of numeric digits and alphabets between A-F letters and digital between 10 &15. A valid block is the whole game of mining where your miners help you to create this number which is located under the toughest target of hash.

Requirement of Hardware/Software

If profits are why you are into bit coining, well the process will be realized to be really competitive in this case. Bitcoin is a process which is dependent on two factors:

1. Electricity supply must be cheaper

2.The choice of genuine hardware and software

One of the best choices in terms of choosing the system when bitcoin was introduced, CPUs of the desktop was considered top of the list. But when it comes to bitcoin mining there is a popular procedure, the need for secure platform and network was a crucial segment to be resolved.

Miners thus, switched to graphics at the high-end platform (GPUs) which became the most efficient platform for mining bitcoin as compared to other platforms like CPUs. And well, the reason is justified as GPUs helped in increasing the power of mining and there was less consumption of electricity realized in the process. In fact, one of the popular names in the same segment is ATI Radeon HD 5870 as it is known to be a perfect choice in the same field.

ASIC, Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a platform that helps in conducting bitcoin mining. Please note that this software is nothing but a chip which performs a single particular task at a time which is mining. And the best part of this chip is that it helps in producing hashing power which is 100 times and that too under lesser consumption of electricity.

How to choose the best Bitcoin Miner?

Well, there are various factors included in the same, as follows:


One can understand this as a rate of producing hashed in a second in the procedure of mining by the miners. If you find a bitcoin machine to be expensive, well that might be because of the fact that it creates more hashes in a single second.

Consumption of Energy

If you think that a single bit miner will be enough to produce good results, well you might want to do some homework on that part! It is vital to understand that the type of profits and results you might be expecting of bitcoin mining cannot be achieved through on bitcoin miners. And thus, it explains the requirement of large and huge centers of data which includes numbers of bitcoin miners. These miners consume lots of electricity in return. So if you have more bitcoins miners, the energy and electricity consumption will be higher too.

This explains the reason behind why the data centers of bitcoin mining are closer to the power plants as it helps in producing electricity at a cheaper rate. And the best examples of the same can be realized in countries like China and United States.

Hardware Price

So basically the concept is quite simple: cheap bitcoin miners means producing fewer bitcoins whereas efficient miners will lead to increased numbers of bitcoins. And well, of course, the efficient and fastest known bitcoins are considered to be expensive. And while you are in the search of finding a bit coiner for yourself: make sure efficiency is also a major factor in your decision along with the amount of energy consumed as well as hash rates.

Speaking of some of the most popular and demanding lists of bitcoin miners, they are as follows:

In order to sum it up, bitcoin mining is a procedure which must be based on efficient miners. And well, a single miner will not produce the expected results, so one must opt for multiple ones at a single hit. And yes, don’t forget to keep a note on your electricity bill. If you are close to a power plant, you will save much more on the figures in your bill. Happy Mining people!


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