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Interview with Carlos Nanita from Peerbanks

Jul 26, 2017 Posted /  3053 Views

Interview with Carlos Nanita from Peerbanks

Interview with Carlos Nanita from Peerbanks

Q1. Hello Carlos, thank you for your time. To start the conversation, can you explain to us in a few words, what is Peerbanks?

Hello Applancer thanks is for you, of course PeerBanks is an asset created in Waves platform, which offers IRA companies an invaluable tool, where companies or institutions that operate retirement funds for IRA-ROTH investment, where they a From obtaining our platform, you could include the virtual currencies, as a good within the different investment products currently offered by IRAs such as investing in Gold, Diamonds etc., as well as to these items may now include PeerBanks as a means of Exchange among other assets or tokens based on Waves Dex Platform, PeerBanks will be the official asset for the exchange within this Platform, the advantage and because we select Waves Platform, because it contains the open codes, that will facilitate us to exchange between Eth, Bitcoin and the assets Active within the Waves DEX Platform with the assurance that more important currencies will be included in the not too distant future, and all this In an easy and viable way, Our Platform will be able to help the IRA Companies, to make the exchange and transfer to the clients in dollars on a monthly basis as others can acquire their Ira-Roth plans with PeerBanks through it, all under the regulation of the country Which has authorized the operation of Bitcoin, it is known that an IRA companies has all the permits to operate within its country since they are authorized institutions to offer these services in fact many IRA's offer ETH and BTC but now they will have the advantage with PeerBanks Platform To easily convert your ETH and BTC to PeerBanks, to be able to handle more fluids in terms of monthly disbursements.

Q2. So that means all future retirement accounts will be handles in Peerbanks?Does that mean that all future retirement accounts will be handled in Peerbanks?

That's right, it's the future that awaits PeerBanks, based on the meetings held with some IRA companies and the importance of our platform.

Q3. What is the vision of the Project and its founders?

We can really affirm that more than a vision, we see PeerBanks as a reality and a prevailing need, in the world of crypto currencies PeerBanks has come as a support for all virtual currencies as their growth potential will be swept away by this wonderful Tool that will be used by many IRa companies.

Q4. Can you brief us about your core team?

·         Carlos Nanita: Developer of Android Applications, website developer, graduated in business marketing at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, He was the one that integrated the team, in addition to the manager of the part of social network of PeerBanks.

·         Patrick A. Dunnewolt:Head Benelux Region at PIMCO coming from Erasmus University Rotterdam, He is the master of the Idea for the integration of the IRA companies with PeerBanks.

·         Matt Mitchell: Cryptocurrency Specialist, coming from the University of Huddersfield Norwich, It is the person who developed the great idea, on how the PeerBanks Platform works, to be able to interchange among the assets that are inside the Platform Waves Dex, PeerBanks will operate like a private exchange Platform.

·         Tetsuhiro Ueda: Working as a business consultant, he was invited to the team for his interest in connecting PeerBanks with the IRA companies in Japan and neighboring countries, in charge of seeking investors and IRA Companies for the PeerBanks project in the second stage of crowd Sales.

·         Behind us: We are recruiting staff to train them in order to support the platform when it is finished. We are open to receive developers, so that they contribute with their knowledge for a fast development of PeerBanks Platform.

Q5. Why are you doing an ICO?

Our idea is a project, large scale and operating globally and needs funds to carry out the project, we need to hire remote support staff that will support IRA companies in all parts of the world and in different languages.

Q6. Can you tell us more about Peerbanks USB wallet?

Thanks to this question, USB PeerBanks is an additional product that will raise funds, the same will be offered by the IRA Companies, so that customers who wish to receive their monthly payments in PeerBanks, can store them safely.

Q7. Do you offer any benefits for the early investors?

Of course we are offering 1% of the total amount received, to all the purchasers in the first 2 weeks of our Crowd Sales and 0.5% of the total distributed to the purchasers of the following 3 weeks.

Thanks and I wish you best of luck.

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