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Interview with Suumit Shah, CEO of AdSigma ICO

Mar 26, 2018 Posted /  6345 Views

Interview with Suumit Shah, CEO of AdSigma ICO

1) Hello!! Can you tell us, what Adsigma is all about?

AdSigma is the next generation Digital Display Advertising platform that is carefully driving blockchain technology to revolutionize the digital display advertising space.  We aim to disrupt the existing digital advertising space and address the significant problems it faces, such as unreasonable commission, lack of negotiation power and a shortage of choice for the publishers and advertisers. In an industry where Ad Networks are having revenue of over

$200 billion, we recognize the need to provide an alternative platform which works in favor of the advertisers and the publishers with ZERO fee. 

2) What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Here are some of the serious challenges we've come across and fixed them to:

a) In any ad network, the speed of ad rendering matters a lot. Ads should get rendered on website/app in less than 300 milliseconds (for better user experience) and we were not sure if blockchain can be that fast to render ads. Then we introduced Relayers and our SDK in the picture, which is capable of rendering any kind of Display ads in less than 300 milliseconds.

b) Planning unit economics in order to maintain the growth of AdSigma architecture. As you know there are transaction fees involved, we cannot keep writing every single ad impression on the blockchain, so in that came we wouldn't be able to match unit economics of this ecosystem. Hence we came up with few algorithms, which allows us to write data in batches and saves huge transaction fees.

3) Tell us something about your team members.

Well, I've myself worked with 3 team members for more than 5 years (Since college days you can say). Talking about Kapil Bhosale and Akshay Mohite, they are the best full-stack developers I've met so far who are always up for the challenges and tries to save the world with the technical capabilities. For an example, we built one community app which was supposed to help apps to grow organically on Playstore. Within 6 months we crossed 1.2 million active users with revenue 750k+ USD.

Talking about Ravi Tamda, he runs, which is one of the biggest Android Tutorials blogs in the world and he got a crazy amount of followers who are from a tech background. 

Rest of the people are handling their part with full enthusiasm, as almost every one of them has been experienced with Digital Marketing and they understand the pain points. They are working almost 16 hours a day now just to make AdSigma successful.

4) Can you highlight some specific features that are unique to Adsigma?

Relayers network - As I talked before, there are relayers who allows us to take and advantage of Distributed Computing and make the whole ecosystem to run at the speed of light.

Unlike our competitors, our ecosystem can work with any browser or any OS or device. We assume that browser adoption would be difficult from the end user's perspective, as he doesn't have any notice of seeing ads. So utilizing the current technology and building things on top of that is always better than re-inventing the whole wheel again.

5) Where do you see Adsigma in the next five years?

Big enough that we would have at least 25-30% market share of the digital display advertising market. (Approx 200 Billion yearly)

6) Why did you go for an ICO and where do you wish to allocate the funds collected through the same?

We would be allocating funds for:

  • Acquiring the talent
  • Network growth (Brining the largest publishers on board and advertisers as well)
  • Tech

7) What is your target market? 

Anyone who is advertising on any digital avenues and anyone who is trying to monetize their website/blog/app/game through digital ads.

8) Where Are you going to operate from?

Mumbai, India.

9) What did you like about us (Applancer)?

We love your initiative of educating the world towards cryptocurrencies and the overall experience of your platform.

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