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Interview with the CEO of WildCrypto

Mar 15, 2018 Posted /  2869 Views

Interview with the CEO of WildCrypto

1. Hi.....! Congratulations on this new venture and the name itself seems pretty interesting. Can you tell us, what "WildCrypto" is all about?

WT: Sure, pleasure to be talking to you! Wild Crypto is an online casino gaming platform, where you can play several games, using our crypto token, the WILD. You can enter lotto draws with excellent jackpot odds of 12 million to 1 or better, with results posted to the blockchain for transparency.  You can also play Instant Win games and a variety of other exciting casino games. We are one of the first pure crypto casinos in the market, having launched our platform in only 4 month after the token sale event.

2. Where did you get the idea of combining Lotto, eGaming with Blockchain or How did you get the motivation to develop this platform?

WT: We were sitting among friends one day discussing the Crypto world and realized we had all the expertise in-house to bring together very quickly two of the most promising businesses in terms of growth: Cryptos and Gambling. The gambling market is nearly USD 300 billion in size worldwide, of which only 4% is e-gaming.  The trend is for the e-gaming portion to increase from 4% to 35% share over the next 10 years, on top of a market growth to nearly USD 500 billion by 2025. So we are looking at a market of about USD 100 billion in the eGaming alone. The Crypto market is hot and here to stay, and keeps surprising everyone with its explosive growth. This combination is extremely attractive for crypto investors and gamblers alike, and shall represent a Wild ride for anyone brave enough to join in.

3. How do you intend to reach your audience, we know that both Lotto and eGaming are huge industries in itself?

WT: Yes, as I mentioned earlier, Lotto and eGaming are large and growing fast.  Our audience are the crypto crowd (who are gamblers by nature, as they are into making bets in different cryptos), and the traditional gamblers.  We intend to service both segments, starting with the crypto crowd, and then later focusing on the gamblers. Platform, games, promos, servicing and other features must be adjusted to meet clients’ expectations. Within the eGaming market, we see younger players more prone to like games that are skill-based, while the older crowd prefers the traditional slots and casino games. Therefore, at the moment our marketing for the crypto crowd audience is focused on influencers / Youtubers, social media, online channels, bounty programs, and other affiliate programs.  

4. Can you highlight the features that are unique to WildCrypto that differentiates it from similar projects in the space?

WT: At the moment, we have seen some other businesses that compete with us in certain areas only.  We are doing pioneering work, and have not seen a full competitor that offers exactly what WC does.  There are unique characteristics to each business though. Our unique value proposition lies in the fact that we offer a truly global product, 24/7 scalable, with Lottos offering amazing Jackpot odds (12 million to 1 or better), with results posted to the blockchain for transparency, in addition to instant win and slot games with balanced volatility and high payout (95-96% for slots). The fact that we only deal with cryptos has its advantages too - we created our own electronic casino chip called the WILD token, which must be used on the platform in order to play the games.  All wagers and payouts are strictly in WILD - we do not touch fiat currencies. One other aspect that makes us different is the fact that the WILD token is an ERC20 token and pegged to ETH at 100:1, so whenever ETH goes up, we go up too.

5. Can you briefly tell us about your team and people who made the "WildCrypto" dream come alive?

WT: Sure, our team is lean and mean. Our structure has the management team, customers service reps, marketing team, finance and accounting, legal, and our platform service providers (gaming platform, game providers, payment gateway, development team). We are spread in several times zones around the world to be able to cover the business demands.

6. What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch this platform?

WT: One of the things we underestimated was the amount of time required to work out all the kinks and issues that arose. Customer demands and the 24/7 aspect to servicing were challenging to set up as well. Getting the marketing right and defining the correct audience were demanding - some marketing channels are not available either (due to gambling and crypto bans in FB and Twitter).  Providing liquidity to the token via the listing in key exchanges was challenging as getting listed on different exchanges could be an expensive and time-consuming process.

7. Where do you see WildCrypto in the next five years?

WT: I am really excited about WC. It has huge potential for growth and the brand is very well liked by our audience. In only 1 week after a soft launch (no marketing), we added over 2000 accounts.  This showed us the potential for growth, and we intend to reach 100,000 customers by year end 2018, aiming at 1 million customers over the next few years.

8. Can you tell about your legal and security measures, it is difficult to comprehend all the international compliances?

WT: Yes this is a challenging aspect of the business. Both markets we are in, suffer certain restrictions in different countries.  However, we must follow the rules established by our regulators, in the jurisdiction we are in. We are established in Curacao, and the regulator determines that we should proactively avoid certain markets (USA, France, UK, Netherlands, and Dutch Antilles), thus we geofence these IP addresses, blocking access from IPs from these locations.

9. Tell us about your revenue model, how did you raise funds for your project?

WT: Our revenue model follows what standard gaming sites practice, where we keep a margin of the house wins after all expenses. We raised funds via a token sale in September 2017, where we successfully raised 10592 ETH via a crowdfunding event.

10. Can WildCryptos be seen as the next big thing for the lotto and e-Gaming Market?

WT: That is the idea! Wild Crypto was created to change the game, and disrupt the gaming market with the use of blockchain. Essentially, we offer an opportunity for crypto holders to use and multiply their cryptos within the crypto domain.

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