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Introduction Message by the CEO of Applancer .

Apr 25, 2017 Posted /  2673 Views

Introduction Message by the CEO of Applancer  .

Welcome Message By CEO:

I am immensely delighted to welcome you to the big family of Applancer. With your association, Applancer is motivated to work harder and strive to give the best there is to all the developers.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you how important a complete profile is to your chances of attracting your client. Filling in all your details increases your chances by 90%, therefore please have a complete profile as soon as possible.

We at Applancer are here to help you with all your queries and problems. Feel free to contact us at any point of time. I am glad that you have agreed to come on board with us and look forward to sharing your success.

Reasons why I started Applancer:

Applancer is a venture extremely close to my heart and there are specific reasons why I decided to make it a reality.

---An inherent will to make things easier for people. In my teens I started Xerocopy which allowed students to get free photocopies, even then all i had in mind was to reduce the already mammoth cost of completing a professional degree. Therefore my time later on as the CEO of Exousia Tech, an app development company, made me think of Applancer, which makes procuring clients easier and a better experience for developers.

---As I have been in 2 startups excluding Applancer, I have a vivid experience of what it is like to be in one. Procuring clients as a start up can be a difficult task, Applancer makes this easier. I look forward to helping as many startup developers as i can.

---It is also my intention to allow the "one man armies" out there to get a decent clientele. Applancer allows freelancers also to create a profile and display their skills. There are many talented and skillful coders out there who like to work alone and are satisfied with a small and compact work base.They will get many clients who have a budget for them and their skills.

---Applancer is also for the clients, the ones with a dream. People with app ideas often dont get a suitable platform to pitch their ideas and hence they dont get good skillful developers. Applancer allows them to get as many developers as they want to make their dream come true.

---Its not only about meeting developers. It is also about the secrecy of the project and and the safety of the transaction. Often projects are thrown in the bin due to a low standard of coding, by then a huge advance is already paid. Applancer allows clients to pay as per the work and not pay if the work does not meet their requirements.  

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