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Is United States against ICOs

Aug 03, 2017 Posted /  5370 Views

Is United States against ICOs

15 Insights on US government and ICOs (Are they against ICOs?)

What is ICO's (Initial Coin Offering)?

ICO's are unregulated means of crowdfunding by means of cryptocurrency, like BitCoin. The ICO is used by startups to bypass the process of capital-raising required by venture capitalists and banks. It has helped many businesses to gear up in the market by providing funds to them. There are various ICO's like NXT, Ethereum, Lisk, Waves, Stratis etc. But it seems like that the USA doesn't quite like the idea of such funding, from such decentralized bodies. The US citizens are not allowed to invest or get funds from such ICO's, mainly due to regulatory reasons.

Let us know few of the Insights on the issues:

1. ICO's doesn't have any centralized body to govern it

The USA government is not pleased with the idea behind ICO's because it does not have any central body to govern it or any responsible body involved in the procedures. It doesn't want its citizens to rely on such unauthorized ventures, which may get proved risky for them.

2. Issues with the unregulated authorities

The ICO's are not regulated well, there is no code of conduct, guarantee, security over the funding processes, that is the main reason why the USA does not want its citizen to fall a prey to such ever changing policies of such organizations.

3. Several vague ICO's are on SEC's radar

SEC(Security and Exchange Commission. governed by the US) has always been protective about the investors, that is why they impose many ban on various ICO's which have unclear intentions. SEC wants that ICO's must clearly state the points of the procedure so that the investors know what they are exactly buying into. It has already given warning that ICO's which are not registered, have unnamed profiles will become a thing of past quite soon.

4. SEC wants the ICO's to play by the rules

SEC wants the ICO's to legitimize their process of crowdfunding, and provide the true facts to the investors before they invest in the ICO's. SEC wants the ICO's to enter the ecosystem and carry on with the crowdfunding services legally, providing proper facts and security to the investors.

5. Some ICO's ban the USA 

Due to the long denial of their services in the USA, some of the ICO's have decided to ban Americans to avoid penalties imposed on them by the legal authorities and taxes levied on them. Therefore, to avoid such huge payments of fine and the getting into the legal hassles, some of the ICO's have themselves banned Americans.

6. ICO's are a subject to security laws

SEC had issued a warning to all the ICO's that all the virtual offerings and tokens of the ICO's are a subject to the requirement of the federal security laws. Violations of the security laws by ICO's can lead them to legal matters, which may result in heavy loss or total shutdown, especially those who are not certified or authorized.

7. SEC ruling effects on the prices of Bitcoins and Ethereum

ICO's will continue to happen, if not in the USA then in the overseas. Bitcoin is unfazed by any vulnerability related to disaster and currencies. That why the game of cryptocurrency is quite strong, which is why it is often compared to Gold. 

8. Singapore goes along with US SEC

The MAS(Monetary Authority of Singapore) issued a statement similar to the US SEC that  ICOs are vulnerable to money laundering and terrorist financing due to the anonymous nature of these transactions.MAS had published a statement in 2014 saying that while digital currencies were not regulated, intermediaries or exchanges would be regulated for money laundering and possible terrorist financing.

9. Investors turn towards Asian markets

With the SEC decision to regulate ICO's, the investors have shifted their eyes from the USA to Asian markets. Asian countries are liberal with the thoughts of cryptocurrencies, where a Chinese bank has decided to launch its own cryptocurrency in near future.

10. SEC allows companies to file for IPO's

SEC has confidentially allowed companies to file for IPO's, to boost the IPO's. This may trigger transparency advocates but still, it has allowed filing for IPO's secretly.

11. SEC unsure about treating the Blockchain and ICO's

SEC has regulated a deal or an agreement for blockchain and ICO's that the companies should register as an exchange, broker/dealer, alternative trading system.

SEC wants the ICO's to predefine the laws, facts and security rules for the betterment of their investors.

12. SEC supports IPO's over ICO's

In IPO's, the public offerings are sold to institutional investors, and in turn, they sell it to the general public, which becomes a public sector company.

SEC has always encouraged IPO's instead of ICO's, because of the regulated bodies governing them, providing investors with low risks.

13. Rise of ICO's 

The popularity of ICO's has led to the huge rapid rise of the ICO's in various locations around the globe. They are unconventional when compared to IPO's but have quickly risen a high level in a short span.

14. SEC will not let US based companies persue ICO's overseas

SEC has reduced the market for ICO's in the US, but it has still allowed the US based companies to collaborate with them outside the US regions.

15. US SEC wants capital rising 

US SEC wants its market to rise capitally, but their priority is to protect the investors against frauds, scams, money laundering etc. issues, which is why they have not supported the unregulated, decentralized bodies of ICO's to enter the US market, to avoid such financial calamities in the future.

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