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Julian Assange Tells Wikileaks Supporters to Donate Via Cryptocurrencies Amidst Total Banking Blockage on Wikileaks Accounts

Dec 22, 2017 Posted /  8378 Views

Julian Assange Tells Wikileaks Supporters to Donate Via Cryptocurrencies Amidst Total Banking Blockage on Wikileaks Accounts

Bitcoin Elite Julian Assange Calls upon Wikileaks Donors to send funds via Cryptocurrency

Founder of whistleBlowing website Julian Assange, a computer programmer originating from Australia has called up donors to channel their money to his organization, WikiLeaks via cryptocurrency. This after new series of banking blockage has been planted along the financial stream for the organization. The US intelligence service is believed to be behind this recent blockage.

Wikileaks has been publishing controversial diplomatic and government secret files since its founding in 2006. The organization specializes in obtaining and publishing classified media, news leaks and secret information obtained from governments and large international corporations servers.

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Wikileaks started using Bitcoin as an alternative donation channel after the online payment services Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and the Bank of America stopped transmitting donations destined to the organization. This made WikiLeaks one of the early adopters of Bitcoin having started using the cryptocurrency in June 2011.

Recently Assange mocked the US government for making the organization bitcoin rich by pushing them to adopt bitcoin in 2011. Bitcoin was valued at around $19,000 during the time implying a 50,000% gains on the 4,025 BTC the organization received as donations since 2011.

Last week in a Twitter post-Julian Assange said that bitcoin is the real Occupy wall street. Occupy Wall Street became a code name of a notorious protest movement that started on September 17, 2011, in Zuccotti Park, New York city’s wall street financial district. Occupy wall street received a lot of global attention kick-started different movements against economic inequality worldwide.

Wikileaks Faces another Banking Blockage

Since Wikileaks started publishing controversial government papers a series of financial blockage has been targeting the organization. The latest being the recent banking blockage 2.0. The organization is now accepting donations through more cryptocurrencies like Zcash, Monero, and Litecoin. As usual, Assange reached out to his 607000 followers and simperthysers on twitter saying,

“We have discovered an amazing plot by U.S. intelligence against the foundation which provides @WikiLeaks donors with tax deductibility in the EU (Wau Holland Stiftung). It comes after our series on the CIA, #Vault7. In press next week”

Assange continued saying it's surprising as the banking blocking is coming at a time when the US-based Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) has revealed to the organization that it will shut down their US tax deductible gateway in January 2018. Assange firmly believes that opening up for donations via more new cryptocurrency will keep the organization liquid and run.

Wikileaks team of Lawyers has been trying hard to protect donors right to give raise funding for WikiLeaks. He notes that in Madrid Spain some masked intruders broke into the office the legal office of the heat of WikiLeaks legal team, Mr. Baltasar Garzon. Police report drawn from footage from security cameras highlights that the operation was conducted by very professional personnel

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