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Korea Telecom Announces Blockchain For Network Security

Mar 22, 2018 Posted /  4198 Views

Korea Telecom Announces Blockchain For Network Security

Korean Telecom (KT) chief researcher, Seo Young-il stated that their upcoming project called as “FUTURE INTERNET”, will be supposedly be using blockchain technology for security in telecommunications systems.

The goal of this change

The main goal of the company is to use blockchain technologies to secure data from hackers by transmitting it through the unhackable blockchain network and users will be transmitting their data based on their trust with no need of third part OTT business.

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The end goal is to establish South Koreas network framework using Blockchain tech in upcoming years.

Upcoming Plans

KT is going to launch a data roaming service by JUNE, with the help of other global network operators such as Sprint and Softbank. It has already begun selling its services in exchange for the cryptocurrency.

Young-il believed that this technology can bring revolutions in the industry. Having said that this technology is still to be tested under beta. Before that nothing can be predicted further.

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