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Mike Hearn: Bitcoin Cash Resembles the Bitcoin Community of 2014

Apr 06, 2018 Posted /  876 Views

Mike Hearn: Bitcoin Cash Resembles the Bitcoin Community of 2014

Mike Hearn: Bitcoin Cash Resembles the Bitcoin Community of 2014


Former Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn opened up on Reddit Q&A. It was a long-time after he quit the development in 2016 due to the vitriolic strife over the scaling debate


There, Mike Hearn, who has now become a member of banking consortium startup R3, discourse about a variety of topics,  few of them being the bitcoin cash hard fork and the block size debates which in the end persuaded the developers to go separate ways in the  last summer over the roadmap for the world's largest cryptocurrency.


Of note were Hearn's remarks here given his attempts to reshape the bitcoin protocol in 2015 and early 2016 presaged the split. Together with Gavin Andresen, then bitcoin's lead maintainer, Hearn even introduced software to raise the block size, proposing a hard fork that was voted down. (Hearn later quit the Core team, writing that bitcoin "failed" because of issues with its community.)


Nonetheless, Hearn now postulates that bitcoin cash has inbred many of the native project's problems.


He wrote:

"Bitcoin cash strongly resembles the bitcoin community of 2014. This is not good."

Hearn further asserted his viewpoint that bitcoin cash, corresponds to bitcoin in 2014, lacks "formalized governance" and most of the times connects through Reddit, where users are able to withhold unpopular views, he said.


Also, he urged bitcoin cash users to "find a replacement" forum where mediator would have only limited control and community views on future upgrades could be accurately determined. In particular, he expressed "alarm" that bitcoin cash was planning to hard fork its chain "with no attempt to measure support."


Still, he advised the community to "be bold."


He concluded by stating "Liberate yourselves from just proceeding along the path Satoshi imagined and be willing to think radical, even heretical thoughts."




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