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Mobile App Development Companies List in India

May 28, 2017 Posted /  3378 Views

Mobile App Development Companies List in India

Looking for mobile app development companies list in India?

Before you look for top mobile app developers in India, here are reasons to launch an app for your business idea in India:


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works" - Steve Jobs


  1. Rapid GDP growth rate - India pars China in its GDP growth rate. Previous financial year GDP has been 7.6%. This increase in the rate increases the trust of the investors to imply and develop new ideas into developing countries like India. 
  2. Encouraging Government policies - Schemes like start-up India and digital India invite foreign firms to establish new ideas into the market. These policies are a way to provide assistance to the investors and boost their enthusiasm to invest even more. Such developments in policies are important to come out in India as the country aims to be the hub for new start ups in the next 5 years. 
  3. Young Audience - A large chunk of population in India is below the age of 25 which is indeed an attractive reason to launch an app. As all the tech savvy youngsters want every solution at their finger tips, developing an app for their solutions is the solution. 
  4. Large population - India having a population of more than 1.3 billion is a big market to develop a business as it acquires 17.8% of the world’s population. Hence, targeting such a large bunch of a wide ranged population would be beneficial for the developer and the country. 
  5. Reaching out to the rural areas - 67% of India’s population lives in the rural and are uneducated. Thus, there are so many ideas and inventions they are missing out on which they should be aware about. The demand at such places would be much higher than those who already have had an exposure about the on goings in the world. 
  6. Safety to the Nation - As the level of corruption is very high due to the large population and high level of poverty, apps can be a rescue in such situations. By launching apps to save the citizens by their fingertips when in any trouble will reduce the audacity of anyone to do so as the fear of them being caught will be higher.
  7. Make lives easier - The intense competition in the country tends to make the citizens stressed. Hence, having an app to do your work in a simpler manner is mandatory for a country like India. Citizens are working for an average of 12hrs a day which is more than required, hence, an app for their daily needs would make their lives easier and organized. 
  8. Increase in awareness - Once the number of apps increase the awareness in the country would increase too i.e the on goings in the country will be made available at an everyday basis. Information takes longer to reach the people who do not have the required resources. Hence, if they have an app which gives them the daily updates of the happenings in the world, India would not only become more developed and educated but also more aware. 
  9. Faster profits - As the tech development is competitively slower than the developed countries with a large amount of population, the users are also in a large quantity. Hence, if something attractive is launched the demand for it is higher and indeed the profits would also be much faster than other countries. 
  10. Lower costs - The development costs of launching the app is cheaper like machinery, labour and other resources required. As the resources are lower in costs, the capital involved in launching is lesser than the average.

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