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Mobile Wallets, the New Prerequisite for every cryptocurrency Related service provider

Jan 29, 2018 Posted /  3276 Views

Mobile Wallets, the New Prerequisite for every cryptocurrency Related service provider

Send and Confirm Receival of Funds at any time

Mobile wallets bring the convenience of making a cryptocurrency transaction at any time you wish to or a need arises. Imagine something urgent pops up on your phone notification it takes just a matter of seconds to tap your wallet app and make a transaction. Most wallet providers enhance the security of these mobile wallets through two Factor authentication. Two-factor authentication enhances the end to end security encryption of the mobile wallet.

When using web-based wallets it's easy to retrieve login information which could have been saved in the web browser. Mobile wallets, on the other hand, are doubly encrypted with pin codes and phone number verification systems via SMS or a voice phone call.

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Bitcoin, the major cryptocurrency has got hundreds of  ATMs installed in several major cities across the world. Using these ATMs is only possible with mobile-based Bitcoin wallets since a QR code on the Bitcoin ATM screen needs to be captured using the phone camera in order to withdraw cash from the machine.

Your cryptocurrency wallets are comparable to your bank account, the need to keep your wallet secured and safety is paramount in making sure it remains yours and yours alone. Logging into your cryptocurrency wallet using a computer browser involving copying a long string of keys making it hectic. Let alone the other fact that it's unsecured. Mobile-based wallets on the only hand only require your phone password and your wallet pin to log in making it less hectic and more user-friendly.

Trade Cryptocurrency on the Go in the Palm of your hand

A Lot of cryptocurrency exchange with mobile wallets provisions for the most popular mobile operating system, Android, and the IOS allows for trading cryptocurrency on your phone. Services like the streamity,,coinbase to mention only a few collects host cryptocurrency trading on their platforms allowing users to continue trading from their phones everywhere they go.

Trading tips and forums where a user meets with other traders on the platform is provided by these apps making them more useful to a regular cryptocurrency trader. Most cryptocurrency wallets offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies where users can choose from a list the crypto they are most convenient with.

General statistics of both normal cryptocurrency usage and crypto trading shows that mobile-based apps usages supersede web-based usages by a very large margin. However, uses downloading mobile wallet applications should double check the publishers of the apps as some applications could be own and run by scammers. Checking the application publisher and other user reviews of the application can help save you from losing money from your wallet.

Get latest Updates, Educational Contents, and investment Opportunities from wherever you are

All the fancy functionalities web-based wallets offers have been compiled into a mobile app wallet. The news updates, investment opportunities, and educational content can be accessed using mobile apps from anywhere you are.

Knowing promptly a cryptocurrency price change can help a trader make the right decisions which may make him gain a lot of money. Some investment opportunities surely are time-limited to ending ICOs, major changes in the price of cryptocurrency and analytics of events that could invoke these changes could help investors and traders make the right decisions.

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