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Negligence Of CoinCheck Cost $530 Million cyber theft

Feb 02, 2018 Posted /  4621 Views

Negligence Of CoinCheck Cost $530 Million cyber theft

According to the sources, Coincheck was not given an official approval to operate due to certain security loopholes. Japan’s financial regulator permitted Coincheck to work on unfinished registrations.

The heist came into light when ten officials of financial services agency of Japan conducted a visit to Coincheck’s office and put efforts to track down the biggest digital theft recorded till now.

Reportedly, Coincheck had stored its virtual currency in a ‘Hot wallet’ instead of a ‘Cold wallet’ with better security as there is no direct connection with internet in such wallets. In addition, there was no multi-layered security system as well, known as multi-signature system

The negligence shown on part of regulator draws furthermore attention towards the regulatory system of Japan as Coincheck was aware of the flaws in its security system.

Last year, Japan initiated the regulation of digital currency at the national level and acquired the first position to do so. This move grabbed appreciation for being innovation-oriented and also boosting customer security which was completely opposed by South Korea and China.

Such loopholes in operating system and wallets are working as a barrier for Japan which is aiming to make Fintech industry a platform for economic growth.

Actions Taken:

The investigating agency noticing the disruption in the security issued a business improvement order to Coincheck and also ordered to submit a detailed report on networking system risk management in order to keep a check on all cryptocurrency transactions taking place in Japan.

Reportedly, Friday’s surprise inspections main motive was to ensure the safety of users. An interview-based hearing has already been conducted with officials of Coincheck. Further, they are ordered to submit a report by  13th February on the recent hack so that desired measures could be taken to avoid such incident in future.

Investigations Conducted:

Coincheck claimed a reimbursement of 46.3 Billion YEN valued $425 million but FSA is still inspecting the financial condition in order to ascertain sufficient funds.

As reported by Nikkei business daily, Coincheck has submitted the communication records to Tokyo Police department. The police denied commenting on the incident.

According to the sources, A member of the virtual currency foundation said that various countries are also investigating the heist of NEM cryptocurrency.

All such incidents are frightening market investors and also affecting the value of the Digital currency. Value of the renowned Bitcoin cryptocurrency is sliding down continuously to $8592 million on Friday which is less than even half of its peak price recorded about $20,000 million in the month of December 2017.

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