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New Bitcoin Movie, Superfly Set to be Released on July 15

May 11, 2018 Posted /  210 Views

New Bitcoin Movie, Superfly Set to be Released on July 15

A new movie on Bitcoin is slated to hit the theatre as soon as July 15. 2018. The movie is based on the 1972 movie Superfly, a crime drama film directed by Gordon Parks, Jr. and starring Ron O'Neal as Youngblood Priest, an African American cocaine dealer who is trying to quit the underworld drug business.


1972 Crime Drama Movie Being Reproduced as Bitcoin Movie in Russia


A 1972 crime drama movie is being reproduced in Russia as a Bitcoin feature movie being directed by Director x and was written by Alex Tse and Phillip Fenty. The movie whose producers includes Future, Matthew Hirsch as executive producer, Palak Patel, and Joel Silver is set to be released in mid-July.


In the movie, two college students chase a hard drive storing a fortune in bitcoin after they mistakenly sold the computer holding the drive to a pawn shop. This video is classified under the genre exploitation which was created by authors attempting to exploit movie themes which many producers would consider a taboo.


Movies which fall under the exploitation genre mostly feature sex, drugs, and violence. The original super fly movie further falls under the sub-genre of blaxploitation signifying the first time an African American characters and community were placed in the spotlight. The 1972 crime drama superfly is the best example of blaxploitation that will be reproduced in the new bitcoin movie.

The 2018 version of 1972 Superfly

The 2018 edition of the movie exploits most of the usual taboos neglected in family movies and further bases its script on a hot topic in the financial industry-cryptocurrency and crime. Julien Christian aka Director x has participated in popular music videos for Drake, Jay-Z, and Rihanna. The movie trailer is now available on youtube showing highlights of the upcoming movie.

The original movie was played in Harlem through the 2018 edition of the movie was mainly played in Atlanta. Movie Actor Trevor Jackson plays the main character in the movie as the drug dealer trying hard to quit the dirty business. Meanwhile, another Modern day priest also featured in the movie prefer to rather be paid in a cryptocurrency than in cash.


The popular synonym “ I swap cash for crypto, and redefined the hustle was the expression made by the young priest in the movie”. We are yet to witness how the Superfly movie will be instrumental in exploiting cryptocurrency when it hits the theatre by mid-July. Adding options for buying the movie tickets using a cryptocurrency can make it more definitive.

Other Theatre works Featuring Bitcoin


Meanwhile, there are already numerous entertainment projects and comedy videos being produced with cryptocurrency or bitcoin as the main topic. One of these films is the popular series, silicon valley where one of the actors tells his colleagues that he mines the cryptocurrency.


Using the phrase cryptocurrency and bitcoin in popular entertainment series and movies is by far a good way and advertising cryptocurrency to the next generation adults. Another comedy film titled bitcoin tells the story of a suburban father who struggles exchange some hefty amount of bitcoin together with his brother to make ends meet.



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