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Now Luxury Condos in Washington DC could be bought for Bitcoins

Feb 10, 2018 Posted /  20532 Views

Now Luxury Condos in Washington DC could be bought for Bitcoins

Bitcoin payments are becoming fully mainstream and now are payable for the real estate property. There are four new condos in Washington DC whose payments are payable fully or in part with bitcoin. The reports by Washington Post who quoted a real estate broker establishes that Bitcoin payments mark as one of the first offers in the district.  

Condos with all the luxury

The condos were converted from a single-family home, and features soapstone counters, recessed lighting, stainless steel appliances and white oak hardwood floors. One-bedroom condos on the first and second floor go for $569,000 or 50 BTC and $665,000 or 59 BTC. A two-bedroom condo on the third floor is available for $677,000 or 60 BTC, while a two-bedroom penthouse, offering a private roof terrace is listed at $949,000 or 84 BTC.

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The bitcoin prices would have to be adjusted to speculate the contracted prices. Residential brokerage Venditti commented that the developers are purchasing physical property in bitcoin and they admit that $8,700 worth of bitcoin in 2018 were not of the same value in 2015 and there is no extent as to how much it would appreciate in the next coming years. They are now worth the extent that it could now acquire the intact building for $3 million. Moreover, he said millennials might not have the downpayment for the purchase, but if they advanced in bitcoin, they could use it as a portion of the purchase.

A Historical Deal in Making

Venditti said the condos describe the initial real estate offers in the District to acquire bitcoin as payment. He said he wants to be on the cutting edge of new technology and demands there will be much more bitcoin transactions in the coming times. His group negotiated with its internal legal team and a title company to guarantee the sale could be transacted in bitcoin.

Buyers interested in adopting bitcoin want to be convinced they are fully supported for any supplementary funding to secure the transaction can be made as swiftly as feasible, as bitcoin’s prices and worth modifies promptly. The contract will receive a clause guaranteeing that both buyers and sellers acquire and are familiar of the risk that bitcoin’s value could alter from the day of the offer has been approved and the day when the bitcoin changes from the buyer’s wallet to the seller’s, Venditti commented.

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