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Police Surrounds Home of Prominent Bitcoin Developer in the wake of Bitcoin Fork Debate

Oct 22, 2017 Posted /  8394 Views

Police Surrounds Home of Prominent Bitcoin Developer in the wake of Bitcoin Fork Debate

The Cryptocurrency community has largely been run by mutual debates mostly happening on online forums and meetups. Recently the Bitcoin community had a consensus on at least two forks to schedule to take place in October and November Respectively.

The Ongoing Fork Debate

The Bitcoin community via its numerous online forum is still in a heated debate on the two planned forks ahead of Bitcoin. Some of the community participants believe the fork were all put in place for selfish gains regardless of what other users want. This is bringing commotion on twitter and online forum where some participants go to the extent of attacking the personal life of others in the forum. This was once again witnessed recently when Jameson Lopp’s North Carolina home was surrounded by police on a call by an anonymous person that hostages were held at the resident and gunshots fire were heard. Jameson Lopp posted on his twitter feed saying;

Dear anonymous coward who just sent dozens of cops with rifles to with a false hostage situation report. I am not so easily intimidated

This is attributed to the role which Jameson Lopp plays in the Bitcoin stage.

How Jameson Lopp Got into Trouble

At around 9 am Durham, North Carolina as the heated fork debate about the segwit2x was getting hotter police were tipped off about a possible hostage situation at Jameson Lopp’s Home. The call was made by an anonymous person with a disguised voice claiming to be holding hostages at the premises. The caller made it clear that he wanted money for the ‘Hostages’ in the premises and highlighted he planted Booms around the front door. Police rushed to the premises immediately with ambulance and anti-bomb squad amidst heavily armed personnel. As the police surrounded his home Jameson Lopp informed the authority of the actual situation and warn whoever gave that false report to police that he is not easily intimidated.

Why the Bitcoin Community is rallying support for Jameson Lopp

Following the incidence at Jameson Lopps residence the Bitcoin online community rallied support for him with both people on the other side of the debate condemning the act. This was seen as people commenting about the event from opposing forums seem to be surprise in dismay about such a cowardice act. Meanwhile the individual behind the false police tipoff is still on the loose but Mr. Jameson Lopp believes this is linked to the ongoing fork debates.

They essentially tried to get him or his family killed, only takes a simple mistake and [you’re] dead, happens regularly with [SWAT]. Essentially attempted murder, IMO. Whoever did that to him you are scum of the earth,” a member of a forum stressed. Another commenter on a rival forum added “this is dangerous and a very low move,” while yet another agreed and stated plainly, “Anyone who supports

[either side in the fork debate] should absolutely condemn such tactics.”

This indicates clearly that the Bitcoin community condemns any such personal attacks on individuals involving putting individual plus family members on life and death situations.

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