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Ripple's Token (XRP) and Infinity Economics Token (XIN) Has Been Added to Major Polish Crypto Exchange

Mar 21, 2018 Posted /  2994 Views

Ripple's Token (XRP) and Infinity Economics Token (XIN) Has Been Added to Major Polish Crypto Exchange

Polish cryptocurrency exchange Bitbay has decided to add XRP and XIN in the support list to fulfill their needs and realities. This could be a major push for these two coins because they have been added to one of the most important Cryptocurrencies lists in Poland.

The news was released on twitter by BitBay to inform that these 2 coins can be used to trade.

Available options available are :

  •  XIN/BTC
  •  XRP/PLN
  •  XRP/EUR
  •  XRP/USD

If you have ever used the swift to transfer cross-border payments then it will be good to know that ripple is used mostly in banks to process cross-border payments. Moreover, if you have been following us then you would have known that XRP is one of the most consistent coins in last Five years and with this major push we can expect its prices to go up.

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XIN works totally differently, it is based on the Infinity Economy platform that allows more than just cryptocurrency uses. One of the most popular possibilities is to create smart contracts. These smart contracts will caprice the IoT(Internet of Things) market.XIN infinity Economy’s official webpage states that Infinity is a brand new digital coin that allows making secure and fast transactions. It uses a decentralized peer-to-peer network to make anonymous transactions with the absence of transfer fees. It is supported by a large community of well build, aspiring, and established entrepreneurs which gives it great potential for rapid growth and expansion.

Moreover, BitBay has been opening an open trading competition to boost up the market and to reach the ardor customers. There are prizes also decided and the competition is named as “Top 200 XIN traders” and the prizes will reach 1,000,000 Xin and will be given to top 200 traders.

  • First place  = 100,000 XIN
  • Second place = 50,000 XIN
  • Third place  = 40,000 XIN.

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