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Suspect held for Bitcoin Miner Theft Escapes Prison in Iceland

Apr 18, 2018 Posted /  697 Views

Suspect held for Bitcoin Miner Theft   Escapes Prison in Iceland

The local news channel, the Iceland Monitor yesterday reported about the escape of a suspect of Bitcoin miner theft in Iceland, who was put behind bars earlier this year.


The suspect namely, Sindri Þór Stefánsson got away from Sogni jail the last night and police have affirmed that he fled from Iceland to Stockholm, Sweden. The criminal was allegedly utilizing another man's id such as passport when he boarded a flight at Keflavik International Airport.


When police found out that Stefánsson had boarded a plane to Sweden, he had landed by then. Icelandic police are presented in collaboration with Swedish officials to arrest him. An international arrest warrant has been issued. The suspect isn't a heinous offender therefore harmless.


Stefánsson had been in jail since Feb. 2, on conjecture of his participation in a chain of thefts, wherein 600 PCs, 600 graphics cards, 100 power supplies, 100 motherboards, 100 memory discs, and 100 CPU processors had been taken from data center engaged with digital currency mining in the South West and North West of Iceland. The thefts occurred from Dec. 5, 2017, to Jan. 16, 2018.


The total estimation of the stolen things was evaluated at 200 million krónur, or $1,990,000. Iceland Magazine called the occurrence "one of the biggest criminal cases in Icelandic history." While the suspects have been uncooperative and experts have not yet found the stolen equipment.

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