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Texas Regulator Ordered The Closure Of Cryptocurrency And Marijuana Trading Operations

Apr 06, 2018 Posted /  732 Views

Texas Regulator Ordered The Closure Of Cryptocurrency And Marijuana Trading Operations

Texas Regulator Ordered The Closure Of Cryptocurrency And Marijuana Trading Operations


The Texas Securities Board, a Texas regulator directed the closure of an operation connecting digital currency and therapeutic marijuana and offering an eight percent week by week return. Amusingly, the organization's Financial Freedom Club, called the Millionaire Mentor University, is controlled by indicted criminal Mark Moncher.

Travis J. Iles, Securities Commissioner of Texas blamed Moncher and his firm for trying to pitch unregulated digital currency securities to Texas inhabitants. Moncher even distributed an online promotion on his site containing data about the two offerings.

Iles said in an announcement:

“Moncher and his company are offering for sale investments in a cryptocurrency trading program together with 911MoneyStore Inc., which has two offices listed in New York state. Frank Dalotto is the principal of 911MoneyStore. Dalotto is representing that he is working with ‘a trader with excellent results,’ but he is not disclosing the name of the trader or the strategy used to generate 8% weekly returns. The order alleges that Dalotto is telling potential investors that to avoid securities laws, he and 911MoneyStore ‘really don’t want to portray this as an investment in crypto’ and will refer to the profit payments as a commission.”

As per the Board, Moncher's cryptocurrency scheme is additionally promising speculators to commit criminal offence by concealing the genuine source of their $2,000 investment in the exchange program.

Financial investors in the program were told they would get an invoice for a product matching the initial payment for protection if the investment goes bad.

The Board asked Moncher to pay $1.9 million in compensation from his victims in the wake of confessing to committing wire and mail extortion.

The Texas State Securities Board has solid set out to weed up corrupt players in the cryptocurrency market and is presumably the most dynamic state regulator in battling digital currency fraud.


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