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The crypto market analysis!

Feb 21, 2018 Posted /  6318 Views

The crypto market analysis!

The total market capitalization as recorded was $511 billion, with bitcoin dominating the market with 39.50% of total market capitalization, as the data recorded, on Tuesday, 20th February. The crypto market has been regaining after the major fall it went through in the month of January 2018. It is keeping up with comparative stagnant phase after going through a monotonous two weeks.

Bitcoin’s price has gained at regular intervals in contrast to the more unreliable roll seen previously this year. Bitcoin at present is trading approximately at $11,607.90, with an increase of almost 9 percent over a 24-hour time at the time of writing.

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Ethereum’s value is gradually crawling up after plummeting slightly below $800 on Feb. 11. It has gained by 2 percent over a time of 24 hours and trading around $951.52.

Out of the top ten coins reigning in the crypto market currently, only one has seen a slight decline, which is Stellar. EOS is trading with $9.88 price with 4.18% rise in the period of 24 hours. Stellar has been witnessing a little decline of 2.56% and is currently trading in the market with $0.44 price.

Amongst the top ten coins in the crypto world, Ripple has started recording a rise after the coin witnessed the highest plunge in value during last month. Now, it has gained a slight 0.71% in 24 hours of the period, and is currently trading with $1.14.

Bitcoin cash has seen a splendid spike in prices since few days. As recorded in a 24 hours time period, BCH has experienced a rise of 2.60% and is currently trading at $1,546.80 in the market.

It will be interesting to see what the coming days will be like for the cryptocurrency market, as after experiencing a great bearish phase, crypto space is prepping for a great bullish run, as we witnessed in year 2017.

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