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The European Commission To Combat False News With The Help Of Blockchain Technology

May 01, 2018 Posted /  144 Views

The European Commission To Combat False News With The Help Of Blockchain Technology

TechCrunch reports, The European Commission (EC) has as of late named blockchain technology to be a part of its system to fight the spread of false data on the web. 

The EC has recognised blockchain as an important part of what it will call the Code of Practice on Disinformation, which it plans to present this year.

As per a recently distributed official statement by the EC, blockchain technology is one of the rising development which is changing the way information is generated and dispersed and can possibly assume a focal part in handling disinformation over the more extended term.

The EC stated blockchain applications can help give transparency, unwavering quality, and traceability of news on the internet. The Commission included that distributed ledger technology (DLT) can be merged with other distinguishing identification procedures. The statement said:

“Innovative technologies, such as blockchain, can help preserve the integrity of content, validate the reliability of information and/or its sources, enable transparency and traceability, and promote trust in news displayed on the Internet. This could be combined with the use of trustworthy electronic identification, authentication and verified pseudonyms."

The current official statement is followed after a report distributed in March by the European Commission High Level Expert Group (HLEG) that calls for more transparency from online platforms to combat the spread of false data on the web. The commission's following system is to build up the wide Code of Practice on Disinformation that is set to be issued by July, this year. 

Blockchain advancement will likewise be incorporated into the committee of the European Union's research funding body Horizon 2020 Work Program, which is viewed as the greatest EU research and funding innovation program.

This year in April, the EC declared the signing of a declaration to make a European Blockchain Partnership made of up 22 nations. European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip, had already encouraged the EU to make a move in blockchain advancement with an end goal to make Europe a world pioneer in digital development.

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