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The Idea of Using Blockchain to Verify Electoral Process is Not New.

Mar 25, 2018 Posted /  1854 Views

The Idea of Using Blockchain to Verify Electoral Process is Not New.

Modern life is increasingly becoming faster and digital. Today we do almost everything instantaneously from buying groceries, hosieries, banking, etc. Despite all the advances, when it comes to voting we stick on to the traditional ballot paper methodology.

Let us end those long queues at the polling booths, lengthy manual processes, accusations and frauds related to the election process. Digitising the election process will help the election process be hassle free through a faster, cheaper, and easier electoral process which in turn leads to increase in the voter turnout and help create a stronger democracy.

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Should we endure the central authority managing the electoral process or create a  distributed Blockchain network and maintain open records for voters? Can blockchain be secure and reliable enough for the electoral process?

Traditionally the voting is done, counted, managed, and the results are released by the central authority but in blockchain technology, every node is connected to Blockchain and will have a copy of the voting record. This kind of implementation is already been used in the internal party elections of Denmark and for corporate shareholders voting in Russia.

The core principles of Democratic election is that, regardless of the results, citizens must have trust in legitimacy and transparency of the process, but the complex protocols Blockchain has, could make it difficult for the people to understand it and hence people might not trust the system.

The conventional voting system is where the authorities manage the election which is hidden, centralized, and follow the top-down methodology. On the other hand blockchain technology is totally managed by the people, it is transparent, decentralized and follows the bottom-up methodology.

The idea of using the blockchain to verify elections is not new. It might be providing higher security that is needed to improve e-voting, but its success depends on whether the public masses are ready to accept the value of politics, what it represents. Even if technological advances provide new solutions every day, the shift from traditional voting to electronic ballot boxes is more complicated than we think.

However, the first elections powered by Blockchain was in Sierra Leone. The presidential elections were traced on a private Blockchain. Sierra Leone's National Election committee used the Agora platform to facilitate the process. Paper votes were entered into the blockchain as monitors observed them.

Every decision has its consequences related to it. A person can have a citizenship in the virtual world that will give them access to the direct democracy and Blockchain technology would be assisting it. At this point, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be of application wherein it could be used to restrict any human beings from voting, based on discrepancies that it may find. It is to be realized that we ain't in the game of AI v/s humans but striving to achieve Human Intelligence through the collaboration between AI and humans for a vivid future of humanity.

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