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The Invisible Powerful People Behind Bitcoin Governance

Nov 19, 2017 Posted /  7466 Views

The Invisible Powerful People Behind Bitcoin Governance

who are the True Bitcoin Leaders

Bitcoin was designed with a brilliant algorithm to allow it be able to sustain itself regardless of a central authority besides the core team responsible for maintaining the software. In recent times many people have risen to claim that they are the Satoshi Nakamoto behind the creation of Bitcoin. People like Australian Businessman Craig Wright wants to be recognize as Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin while others are trying to create splits in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and the original Bitcoin are the current splits successfully induced on Bitcoin.

How ever best leaders of Bitcoin are not the self proclaimed creators or the people invoking different splits but are the people who could foresee the future and make the right decisions. These are the people who make Bitcoin what it becomes they are the people responsible for the price gain of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Leaders Survival Instinct

Survival of effective Bitcoin leaders involves possessing skills associated with investment abilities to remain a secret without attracting major public attention to himself or his ideas. Bitcoin presents a distinct ecosystem with sometimes hostile oppositions from the other side making invisibility a perfect survival instinct. The leader would get his well-tested ideas passed to the community without revealing himself or his identity. This leader would avoid traps set up against him and does not show publicly the gains he made from his foresight of the market.

Since Bitcoin price depends on its demand and supplies the leader should be able to have faith in Bitcoin by staking his own Bitcoins into the future of the currency. He would bet how the future would turn on his own risk and without telling anyone. He would control Bitcoin by how he trust his own idea and how he makes the investment into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Leadership Traits is determined by the Decision To act or to watch.

A good Leader for Bitcoin does not watch how the market struggles but rather values the Bitcoin he holds as having a much more future value than the current market value. He knows when to watch the market and keep his Bitcoins intact and when to give back the Bitcoin or some of it back to the market. The people who have been attempting to lead Bitcoin recently, nor the technocrats splitting up Bitcoins in very many forms for their own motives are not any good leaders for Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto after knowing he invented the greatest technology the world has ever seen did not go live on TV to proclaim his success but he remains put at his home somewhere in an unknown place. He knew the Kind of negative attention such publicity to bring to himself and to Bitcoin his creation. He possess enough amount of Bitcoin to control the market without revealing himself and putting in his own Bitcoins into the Market.

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