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The Technologies that Can come any Close to Being as Relevant as the Blockchain Technology

Nov 08, 2017 Posted /  12755 Views

The Technologies that Can come any Close to Being as Relevant as the  Blockchain Technology

System scaling Technologies

Major technology companies are using the Billions of dollars  they made from their initial innovations to change the world. Consider companies like virgin designing a high speed underground Tunnels, Google sidewalk initiative, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Precilia Chan school building projects. A critical observation shows us that these are the technologies the world need today. Blockchain has brought a lot of possibilities unique in every essence but this technologies companies are doing amazing things that can be compared to Blockchain's capabilities.

Future works

Apart from being a contractor, a freelancer or Temporarily employed in a firm future works provide another means of working for a company another technology that can come near to Blockchain. The introduction of collaborative technologies like slack and others made it possible for a company to gain from an expert who is not necessarily looking for a job. These experts can contribute from the comfort of their homes of residence for the organization.

Branded Cities and Digital Countries

Advertising has taken a new twist as companies has moved to the next level of getting their messages to the customers. Customized ads are design to target individuals taste. Consider that your favorite coffee shop, where you always drive too any other related stuffs about you is known. Cities can obtain large revenues from companies by selling snippets of these information to approved legitimate advertising firms.

Grid defections as a service

Beginning last year major investment were noted in Grid defection technologies aim to provide decentralized power access to communities across the world. Large companies including, Google, 3m and Apple has contributed a significant some of money to distributed energy technologies. This trend is expected to progress with better reach in the coming years.


With the trending topics of enhancing human brains to derive better societies and communities, companies like Nootrobox are pushing safe and healthy technologies to enhance the cognition abilities of the Human Brain with a zero side effect. Obviously zero side effects sounds too good to be true lets take it as with a reduced side effects. Nootrobox promises the significant enhancement of Brain abilities while using methods with no side effects to the Body.

Connected Beauties

Companies like L'oreal makes more than $28 Billion from selling skin care products in different parts of the world. The company recently is working on projects that deliver customization options to individual beauty requirements. L'Oreal is said to have manufactured beauty products like brushes, makes up and others that are connected.

Genetic Engineering

Lastly the technology that can be compared to Blockchain technology in any essence is the Genetic Engineering. The abilities to change animal and human gene architecture remains a topic of discussions in many government and humanitarian agencies. Many people are questioning the ethical base of the technology. Never the technology remains a major leap in the human history.


In conclusion the Blockchain technology still remains a rare technology of it's kind with applications to very real world problems ranging from medicine, statistics to finance and administration.


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