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Three common Crypto trends likely to prevail after the first quarter of 2018.

Apr 17, 2018 Posted /  3068 Views

Three common Crypto trends likely to prevail after the first quarter of 2018.

The beginning of 2018 was not very pleasant full for the cryptocurrency market. From $800 billion to $300 billion the market value. A lot of Crypto enthusiasts who were not getting tired of investing their assets into the cryptocurrencies are now finding it difficult to hold on to their Investments. Let us try to predict the conditions of the market this year.

Global policymakers will take a preventive approach.

Following the exponential rise in the Crypto related awareness at the end of the year 2017, all the local governments and the international players have started to observe the next major thing in technology.

Initially, the blockchain technology acquired a lot of Criticism from some of the world-famous financial and influential people. They considered it to be as a fraud, speculation or a bubble. As many influential people in the world posed statements without any prior knowledge about the technology created a huge turmoil in the mindsets of people.  But now the things are turning upside down, and the government is spending a lot of money in order to exploit the potential uses of the technology

Recently at the G20 Summit held in Argentina many of the world financial leaders expressed their views about the technology. The regulations of the cryptocurrency were the hot topic, but the Financial Stability Board backed by numerous delegations told that monitoring is needed before imposing any regulation on anything.

The number of scam ICOs will reduce.

The whole scenario of the Initial Coin Offerings is speculated to rise at a rapid rate. The market dominated the second half of the last year with raising $4.5 billion. According to a study conducted by Suicide Ventures, over 260 public sale tokens were launched within the first two months only.  That's on an average is more than 4 per day, and at least 40% of them raised 50% of their hard capital. In this competitive world, the Crypto startups need to have a very strong concept in order to stand out in a sea of mediocre projects. Just having a unique white paper or template based landing page is not enough. People are very possessive about their investments and are looking into invest in projects which are providing constant updates and proof of concept.

Crypto enthusiast will try innovative Technologies.

While the financial regulators are taking a slow movement towards the regulation of the cryptocurrencies, the Internet world has taken hardcore steps in order to curb and safeguard the people's interests. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more have already imposed a cryptocurrency advertisement ban on their web pages. The end move and consequences of all these activities are difficult to estimate at the present time. But it is very certain that it would be very difficult to have a hold on the market and launch the ICOs in future. The companies must find innovative ways in order to grab people's attention towards them. For example, the decentralized discussion forums like Reddit Bitcoin-talk, etc.,  have gained a lot of value.


It is definitely a difficult time for the cryptocurrency market and various companies which are looking forward to launching their products in relevance to the digital market. The prices are falling, and on the other hand, the internet dominators are banning the Crypto related advertisements.

It is very difficult to predict the market for the upcoming months that will it continue the same trend or will we see a bullish trend by the end of this year?  With many regulations on the way for the cryptocurrencies, it is to be kept in mind that the companies will have to have to be very innovative and competent to grab the market.

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