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Top 10 ICOs to invest in August end and September

Aug 24, 2017 Posted /  6742 Views

Top 10 ICOs to invest in August end and September

Top 10 ICOs to invest in August end and September

1. Revain ICO

Why to invest in Revain ICO: Revain ICO has been designed to create a decntralized platform which helps to analyze the genuine and fake reviews. It also allows its users to write reviews about the various ICOs, products, services etc. It is a platform with a barter system like if a user is writing about a product, his own products or service also gets reviewed. It is based on ERC20 token and on Ethereum platform

Start date: LIVE

End date: 6th September 

2. Alpencoin ICO

Why to invest in Alpencoin ICO: It is a German based company, ML Invest, which has come with the idea to integrate the facilities of providing the software solutions, and also to participate in various other of its subsidiary companies. 

Start date: LIVE

End date: 11th September

3. Obsidian ICO

Why to invest in Obsidian ICO: This platform is set to launch its own messaging platform, which will provide safe, private and encrypted network where the messages transferred will be on a decentralized platform. The platform or the messenger which will be launched will be safe from the online attacks which is  

dangerous for the privacy any person.

Start date:  LIVE

End date: 26th August


Why to invest in VOTES  ICO: This ICO will take voting to a decentralized platform where there will be no fraud voting, polls or surveys. This can be applied on various platforms where voting is needed. The voting system will thgus become quite transparent and genuine.

Start date: LIVE

End date: 1st September

5. WePower Network ICO

Why to invest in WePower Network ICO: Green energy is the need of the hour. this ICO has involved the green energy ideas with the blockchain and smart contracts technology. This platform solution will enable us to have a clean and green environment. It is a platform where there is a huge focus over the reuse and recycle of various energy sources.

Start date: 24th August 

End date: 1st September

6. BitIndia ICO

Why to invest in BitIndia ICO: It is India's largest blockchain and decentralized platform built for the trading and exchange in the cryptocurrencies. The Indian users can now trade, buy, sell, purchase in various digital currencies smoothly because of this platform.

Start date: 1st Sseptember

End date: 30th September

7. Justmake ICO

Why to invest in Justmake ICO: the Justmake Ecosystem is a huge network which offer multiple services to their clients. The Justmake ICO is thus designed to raise funds for the further developments which are to be made for the Justmake Ecosystem.

Start date: 6th September

End date: 4th October

8. PayperEx ICO

Why to invest in PayperEx ICO: If you are interested in investing in share market, this platform will provide a decentralized platform with blockchain technique, which will enable a user to invest in the share markets. Investing in share market can be profitable, but it can be hugely profitable if it is invested in cryptocurrencies. This ICO platform will let a user do that.

Start date: LIVE

End date: 19th September

9. GameCoin ICO

Why to invest in GameCoin ICO: If playing games via any source like online games is your forte, then this is a good deal where you can invest in cryptocurrencies via your gaming abilities. The huge gaming industry is set to experience a revolution due to this platform, because it is decentralized and enable users to earn and invest in gaming technologies via cryptocurrencies.

Start date: 11th September

End date: 29th September

10. Paragon Coin ICO

Why to invest in Paragon Coin ICO: Cannabis is an industry which is full of many myths and they are not legalized as well in many places. This platform aims to provide a decentralized platform for the people who are ready to invest in the cannabis market, which will work for the legalization and awareness of the Cannabis plant.

Start date: LIVE

End date: 15th October

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