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Top 10 only BTC Exchanges

Jul 12, 2017 Posted /  5776 Views

Top 10 only BTC Exchanges

Top 10 only BTC Exchanges:

Bitcoin was the coin that marked the very beginning of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology which allows decentralized and secure digital monetary transactions. Crypto exchanges are platforms in which different kinds of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH or any other cryptocurrency is being sold, bought or exchanged between different users or organizations. BTC remains the most popular crypto coin till date after its establishment in the year 2008. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges solely for the Bitcoins.

Applancer provides the details of the top 10 BTC crypto-exchanges:

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1. Luno BTC Exchange:

Luno is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which makes it easier for the users to buy, store and learn about Bitcoin. It offers very high security. Luno is UK based and it offers its services to multiple countries. Along with the BTC exchange feature, the platform also has a wallet system which facilitates the customers to store their cryptocurrency. Their main advantage is that they provide a very simple, user-friendly and efficient mobile platform for user interactions.

2. Paymium BTC Exchange:

Paymium is the first European Bitcoin Exchange platform. It helps the exchange of BTC and EUR and they also allow users to send and receive BTC by mail. It also has a user-friendly mobile platform. By signing up in the Paymium platform, users can have their Electronic money account opened and the user's funds are protected and secure. The platform complies with European Regulation and provides safe BTC exchange facility.

3. Vaultoro BTC Exchange:

This is the most transparent physical gold exchange in the world based on the UK. The special feature of Vaultoro platform is that users can directly exchange BT to pure gold without the need for any bank account or any other details. The users' gold will be stored in a high-security vault located in Switzerland. It has many features like you can trade the gold at best price without the need for any third parties, there will be yearly auditing of your gold, Gold they provide is 99.9% pure, etc.

4. Unocoin BTC Exchange:

Unocoin is considered as INdia's most popular and efficient Bitcoin wallet. They have the facility to exchange BTC directly for Indian Rupees (INR) on the platform. Users can easily buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin using the platform. For the buying or selling of BTC, the users will be charged a 1% transaction fee. But after they shift to the Gold membership, the transaction fee will be reduced to 0.7%.

5. itBit BTC Exchange:

itBit is a US-based Bitcoin exchange platform for the Financial Institutions and Traders with an exchange facility of  USD, EUR AND SGD to BTC. They offer a very secure and protected service for their customers by including Cold storage and 2-factor Authentication. It is the financial services company which allow the users to trade in BTC with both the OTC Desk and bitcoin exchange with the same account.

6. Gemini BTC Exchange:

Gemini is a US based Bitcoin trading platform and it is first regulated BTC and Ether trading company. Users' funds are securely stored offline using their innovative cold storage system. For higher volume market participants, they offer many rebates and discounts. They offer both exchange and custodial services being a licensed and regulated trust company.

7. LakeBTC BTC Exchange:

LakeBTC is one of the best BTC exchange services in the world located in China and was established in 2013 as a virtual Bitcoin platform. They are very strict about the security of funds transferred and taken many security measures like SSL encryption, cold storage, 2-step verification, SMS withdrawal confirmation, trade notifications and so on. They provide excellent liquidity to traders.

8. LocalBitcoins BTC Exchange:

LocalBitcoins is a Finland-based special kind of BTC exchange platform where anyone across the world can exchange BTC via this platform. But for some regions like Venezuela, the liquidity is not so high. They allow users to post advertisements in their platform and helps in the exchange of BTC. This is decentralized platform based on the Blockchain technology. They allow online transactions to occur even in regions where there is no banking facility.

9. BTCXIndia BTC Exchange:

BTCXIndia is INdia's first cryptocurrency platform.They provide an XRP wallet and exchange facility in high security. They provide facilities for direct exchange of BTC to INR. They allow users to do real-time trading using BTC.

10. bitFlyerFX BTC Exchange:

bitFlyerFX is a Japan-based efficient Bitcoin exchange platform which allows users to exchange JPY to BTC and vice-versa. With the new Bitwire technology. bitcoin transaction transactions are done in lightning speed of just 1 sec. They provide huge security with the cold storage and also with the new encryption technology called Digicert. The working of the platform is similar to Foreign Exchange (FX).

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